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Hagood Hardy – “The Homecoming”

Hagood Hardy – “The Homecoming”I’ve always wondered if it’s pronounced Hey-good, Ha-Good or Hag-ood… Here we begin with Canadian composer, Hagood Hardy’s best known album, “The Homecoming” The album, naturally, begins with the title track “The Homecoming” which is actually Mr. Hardy’s best known song, and you know I do find writing about instrumental albums to be the most difficult... Read More »

The J.B. Betts Family – “Happiness is the Lord”

The J.B. Betts Family – “Happiness is the Lord”So, here we are with the J.B. Betts Family of Mississippi, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Betts pulled together all the kids to make this album with the littlest of the bunch joining the rest of the family on this album. We start off with the titular track of the album, “Happiness is the Lord” and... Read More »

Jack Campbell & the Ambassadors – “Gloryland is Not Far Away”

Jack Campbell & the Ambassadors – “Gloryland is Not Far Away”I have been holding off on this one because it just looks so promising, the front cover, the guy on the far right and then just the track listing sounds amazing. I’ve never heard any of these songs before, but here we are! The album opens with the title track of course, “It Happened with... Read More »

The Kelso Twins – “Sing of That Final Day”

The Kelso Twins – “Sing of That Final Day”Seemingly enough, sometime in the 70’s Carolyn and Marilyn Kelso walked into Redmon Records and recorded what just might be there only album? Maybe they did more, but I can’t find anything on them. The sisters were from Indianapolis, Indiana though. Anyways, so the album starts with the track “Final Day” – which according to... Read More »

Suede – “Easily Suede”

Suede – “Easily Suede”Here we are with Suede’s first album, released in 1988 on her own label. Is it country? Is it jazz? I am about to find out. We open up the album with the Kenny Loggins track, “Wait A Little While” and Suede does hit the high notes really well, and she definitely does have a... Read More »

Vickie Harris – “A Christian Cow-Girl”

Vickie Harris – “A Christian Cow-Girl”Vickie Lyn Harris was the daughter of Ray and Dolores Harris of Crusade Enterprises, and the older sister of Tammy Renee’ Harris. She was also featured on the album “Floyd C. & the Kids from Flora” as well as “Moments to Remember” which is a memorial album to her. In 1962, little Vickie Lyn had... Read More »

Rhett Davis – “Rhett Davis”

Rhett Davis – “Rhett Davis”So, a quick Google search tells me that Mr. Davis has been in show business / music for over 45 years, and he was born in England, grew up in Canada and had a successful career as a lounge act, and you know, he just looks like the type of guy you’d want to be... Read More »

Ron Morehead – “Reflections”

Ron Morehead – “Reflections”Ron Morehead recorded this album and released it on his own label in 1984. This album begins with the track “Grace” and he’s got a voice kind of like an Elvis impersonator, but only slightly at points. It’s definitely coming across more of a CCM album, as opposed to a traditional Gospel album. The first... Read More »

The Calvary Echoes – “What’s On Your Mind”

The Calvary Echoes – “What’s On Your Mind”We begin to new year (sorta) with The Calvary Echoes of Fort Myers, Florida on the Mission Records (of Nashville, TN.) label, but the first thing I want to address is the poor choice of color for the title of this album, the red font on the red carpet just clashes completely, and it’s very... Read More »

Paul McCrane – “Is It Okay If I Call You Mine? / Dogs in the Yard”

Paul McCrane – “Is It Okay If I Call You Mine? /  Dogs in the Yard”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review:  So, it has certainly been sometime since I have written about anything on here and I figured since I should probably post or write about something! Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of the TV show, “ER” which features Paul McCrane for at least six seasons, and... Read More »

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