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Ken & Sandi – “Ken & Sandi”

Ken & Sandi – “Ken & Sandi”Another feature from the deep past of my record collection, this one too, has been sitting in my collection for well over eight years – I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to it before, but it is my first time writing about it. So, from Tyler, Texas on the Delta Records label, I have Ken & Sandi with... Read More »

Dr. Jim Matthews – “He’s Coming Back Again”

Dr. Jim Matthews – “He’s Coming Back Again”So, Dr. Jim Matthews – or the Singing Surgeon hails from Mississippi, and he released this album of Gospel songs (among other albums – including a country one) in the 1970’s, on his Music Emporium label. So, self-released? Anyways, the album opens with the titular track, “He’s Coming Back Again” and it’s a slower song,... Read More »

Joani Whitmore – “The Gospel Side of Joani / Country Love Songs by Joani

Joani Whitmore – “The Gospel Side of Joani / Country Love Songs by JoaniThis one has been sitting in my to be reviewed pile for about 7 years, and I finally got around to playing it a few weeks back, I rated it a 4 star rating on Discogs. So, here we go again, round two with Joani Whitmore’s 1973 Country Gospel or Gospel Country album on the Artist’s Records... Read More »

Bill, Mary & Jim Einert – “Singing… Requests”

Bill, Mary & Jim Einert – “Singing… Requests”So, here I have one that has been sitting in my collection for a number of years, we have the Einert family of Clarksville, AR with their album “Singing… Requests” on the Gospel Melody Records label, interestingly enough, Jim has appeared on another album in my collection, “He Promised to Be There” The album opens... Read More »

Pat Carey – “To Start Again”

Pat Carey – “To Start Again”So, Pat Carey or Patricia Carey is an Irish-American opera singer with a very famous daughter, with a very well known Christmas song – yes, Pat Carey is none other than the mother of Mariah Carey – and in 1977, she released this album on the U.U. Record label, so here we go. and we... Read More »

Singing Samford Family – “Jesus is Coming Soon”

Singing Samford Family – “Jesus is Coming Soon”So, back in 1970, Dale and Martha Samford of Murfreesboro, TN decided to round up their kids, Vicki, Steve, Debbie and Linda, and record a nice family album of cherished Gospel songs, the album was then sold for the quaint price of $4.95! What a steal! The album starts with the title track, “Jesus is... Read More »

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