Who am I?
 I’m Colin, I’m basically your average dude in his 20’s who collects records. I started collecting at 16 – with the purchase of my first record “ChangesTwoBowie“. My area of expertise with records is on private pressing gospel albums from the 1970’s – especially on the Crusade Enterprises label.

Why Do I Do This?
 I basically decided to start this website back in 2011, after finding several record websites that mainly mock album covers and people with disabilities, so a big part of this website was to give those records and those artists the PROPER recognition they deserved and not to mock them. In the process, I’ve made many, many great friends and heard many great under-rated albums.

 I also do not mock the covers or the artists, I’m 100% against doing so.

What Do I Do?
 What I do here at Vinyls Among Other Things is I take the records, I photograph the sleeve, copy down the liner notes, find out all the people who worked on the albums – usually they are listed on the albums, if not they can easily be obtained through discogs.com – or sometimes by the artists themselves!

 All the records featured on this website are from my personal collection, so the information herein is the most accurate information possible, pertaining to the record – I also occasionally try to find out where the artists went after their albums.

Where Do I Get My Records?
 I get my records from all over, family, friends, the artists, thrift stores, estate sales, eBay and various record sites.

When Did I Start Collecting and When Do I Do My Articles?
 I started collecting records back in 2009 when I was 16, originally the collecting started with just artists that I enjoyed and grew up loving (David Bowie, Boy George) – eventually when late 2010 rolled around, I had began collecting records for cover art, and began a blog titled “Storage Locker Records” – which went defunct in October 2011, and shortly thereafter I started this website under a different name.

 I do my articles at any free chance I got, but usually every second Tuesday I get 3 – 4 reviews out, and Wednesdays are between 1 – 2.

How Do I Do This?
 I run this website with a camera, a laptop and WordPress!


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