Alice Cooper – “Love It to Death”

The Sleeve:
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The Gatefold:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 What better record to review on Halloween than an Alice Cooper record? Besides maybe a scary film soundtrack… but I got none of those.

 The album opens with “Caught in a Dream” and that opening guitar riff just gets me right there, and the vocals come in, and they’re pretty great, but what do you expect? Alice Cooper was the greatest. Then after that comes what would be the song that made Alice Cooper’s whole career, “I’m Eighteen” and it’s one of my favorite Alice tracks, and the lyrics and vocals are pretty powerful. Then comes the track “Long Way to Go” and it’s a pretty good track, the musicianship has been great throughout this whole side so far, the guitar playing especially has been pretty great on all the songs, and the drums are absolutely amazing. The A-Side ends with the track “Black Juju” which has like a really long and quiet start to it, which really helps you hear all the clicks and pops of the record, but it quickly goes into the actual music. The vocals quickly come in, and there is a lot more musicianship and the song comes off as a great big jam session, and it’s definitely good, but the times where it gets really quiet within the song isn’t something I am too fond of, but hey, if it works, go with it. Then the quiet part ends again, and Alice Cooper begins to sing again, and it’s pretty great!

 Is It My Body” opens the B-Side, and Alice Cooper seems to know how to open with amazing guitar riffs, like my God, that is now two in a row that were absolutely amazing. The vocals are pretty great, the lyrics are amazing and the musicianship are like no other, it’s stunning.  “Hallowed Be My Name” follows next, and the vocals are a little different, but the musicianship still rocks, so it makes for another great song. Then comes the song “Second Coming” and once more it’s another powerful track that is pretty great, not really a complaint worthy album. Then it goes into my favorite Alice Cooper track, “The Ballad of Dwight Fry” – with the creepy spoken word intro, then it goes into Alice Cooper singing, and the musicianship and the vocals and lyrics are the greatest. The chorus is what gets me good. Then comes the “I gotta get outta here” part, which is another great part of the song, then the chorus follows once more, and it’s amazing. Then we begin to fade out into another jam session. Then more vocals, and Alice Cooper is amazing, like not sure how many more times I can say it. That drum solo, oh my God. So amazing. Then the song quickly changes into the song “Sun Arise” and it’s a pretty good way to end the album, I have no complaints about this, it’s a great album and a whole bunch of great songs.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Caught in a Dream
A2 – I’m Eighteen
A3 – Long Way to Go
A4 – Black Juju

B1 – Is It My Body
B2 – Hallowed Be My Name
B3 – Second Coming
B4 – Ballad of Dwight Fry
B5 – Sun Arise

Warner Bros. Records

Catalog Number:
WS 1883

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
An Alive Enterprises Production
Produced by Jack Richardson & Bob Ezrin for Nimbus 9 Productions
Executive Producer – Jack Richardson
Mastering Engineer – Randy Kring
Session Engineer – Brian Christian
Recording Technician – Bill Conners
Recorded at RCA Mid-American Recording Center, Chicago
All Songs Arranged by Alice Cooper group and Bob Ezrin
Organ & Piano – “Toronto Bob”
Environmental Control – Charles Garnal
Cover Photographs by PRIGENT, 34 E, 29th St., N.Y.C., N.Y.
Inside Photograph – Dave Griffith
Album Cover an Alive Concept

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