Bent Fabric – “Alley Cat”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
The Alley Cats are swinging as they never have before. It all started when Bent Fabric, the international authority on the swinging life of the Alley Cat, revealed the answer to the age-old, and often asked question – what would an Alley Cat play if he could play the piano?
 Mr. Fabric’s demonstration of the Alley Cat’s swinging sounds quickly captured the attention of listeners across the land, who secretly always knew that the Alley Cat was the hippest of all our four-legged friends. 
 In the natural sequence of events, an entire long playing album was called for, to establish Bent Fabric as the true and undisputed spokesman of Alley Cats everywhere, be they of the common or uncommon varieties.
 It will come as no surprise to anyone that Fabric is a pretty cool cat himself. In this comprehensive compendium, a variety of material is whimsically and effervescently dealt with, never forgetting for a moment that to swing is the thing. The album is introduced by the title tune, Alley Cat, and, of course, followed by Across the Alley From the Alamo. Elsewhere there is another delicious item – Catsanova Walk – the gone version of “Chopsticks.”
 Other areas of musical life are explored with equal perception, You Made Me Love You, In the Arms of My Love, and Baby Won’t You Please Come Home. In all, there are 12 such choice pieces of catnip, even though Bent Fabric is aware that an Alley Cat’s life centers around the number 9. He believes a broader musical spectrum could increase the lives’ expectancies of the Alley Cat.

Personal Review:
To be blunt, I bought the album for the cat on the cover.
The album opens with the song “Alley Cat” and I’m pretty sure all the songs are piano instrumentals, but hey, it’s an alright track! After that comes the song “Across the Alley from the Alamo” – which is a little more upbeat, and it’s pretty decent. I’m more of a vocal man myself. Then comes “You Made Me Love You” which is a slower track, but it’s good. The music makes for good background noise. After that comes the song “Trudie” – and it’s another good track, I just don’t feel this music is the type of music I’d listen to openly and actively. “Markin’ Time” follows, and it’s another okay track, nothing overly special here. It’s followed then by “In the Arms of My Love” which closes the A-Side, and it makes for an alright closing track.

The B-Side opens with “Delilah” – which is a slower track, and it’s alright for starting the A-Side, then comes “Catsanova Walk” which is an okay track, it’s not overly dull, just still not my type of music. Then “Symphony” comes and goes, I didn’t even notice the track split, it’s then followed by “Early Morning in Copenhagen” which is another okay track, nothing overly amusing. Then comes the track “Comme Ci, Comme Ca” – isn’t that french? It’s an okay track. The album closes with the track “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home” – is an okay closing track, I prefer the vocal version.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Alley Cat
A2 – Across the Alley From the Alamo
A3 – You Made Me Love You
A4 – Trudie
A5 – Markin’ Time
A6 – In the Arms of My Love

B1 – Delilah
B2 – Catsanova Walk
B3 – Symphony
B4 – Early Morning in Copenhagen
B5 – Comme Ci, Comme Ca
B6 – Baby Won’t You Please Come Home

Atco Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Cover Photo – Ed Gray – FPG
Cover Design – Haig Adishian
Record by Metronome Records, Stockholm, Sweden.

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