Bob & Doug McKenzie – “Great White North”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
So this is our album, eh? Okay, so like this is the back cover, and inside there’s like not only the record, but the first edition of The Daily Hoser, which all hosers must read. And no bootlegging allowed, or all cops will be after you!
 P.S. Nice pictures, eh? That’s our dog, Hosehead. The girls are like our back-up singers. And those guys at the bottom are our roadies now that we’re a band, eh?

 Dear Record Buyer:
 Our government has made the dream of a Canadian Recording Industry conceivable, thus giving us a greater understanding of ourselves as Canadians in Canada, as one – a Canadian identity.
 Of course, we in the private sector have always recognized the relevance of regionalism. It is our differences that make us unique. And so we are justly proud of this recording for it truly represents the dream of a Canadian identity, the oneness of all Canadians as Canadians. 
 We do have culture. We are proud of it. With this recording our rich culture will itself enrich and enlighten the world. Maybe the universe.
 Anthem Records.

Personal Review:
 Every single living Canadian knows who Bob & Doug are – if not watch some SCTV or the movie Strange Brew. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas did a wonderful job creating the two characters on the show and bringing them to the screen.

 The album opens with the song “This is Our Album, Eh?” – and well, it’s a spoken word thing, and they clearly point out that you can’t see them, and that you should stare at the cover. Then Doug mocks your ears. Then they talk about how they are in two different ears. It has some funny points but not much, “The Beerhunter” comes next and it’s basically an explanation of Russian roulette but with beer – you either get soaked or drunk. Anyways Doug gets soaked in the end. “School Announcements” comes next, and it’s a sketch where they do the school announcements, and it’s alright – not overly funny. “The Miracle of Music” comes next, and they kind of talk about making the Great White North theme on beer bottles. “Peter’s Donuts” comes next, and it’s not overly interesting – lots of donut and cop jokes.They got back to doing the beer theme thing, and then a thing called “Gimme a Smoke” comes next, which is just Bob saying “Gimme a Smoke” – then comes “Take Off” with Geddy Lee from Rush – well, the synth playing is alright – and Bob & Doug kinda talk through the whole musical intro to the song, then Geddy Lee just begins to sing, and Bob & Doug chime in with their talking again, before Geddy joins in with the chorus, I wonder if he had played the guitar? Geddy is a pretty good singer. “Coffee Sandwich” ends the A-Side, and basically it’s a short story and there are some drunk jokes.

 Welcome to Side Two” opens the B-Side, with jokes about you shouldn’t listen to this side, so they go on about how some people may be listening. “Doug’s Mouth” comes next, and it’s a pretty blah. It’s basically Doug just making sounds – and it’s really not that interesting. “Elron McKenzie” comes next, and it’s basically Doug pretending to be a priest who has a sermon about not killing bugs, and they have some organ playing. “Black Holes” comes next, there is only a certain amount of these jokes one can take. “You Are Our Guest” comes next and it’s basically a joke where they expect you to read off a script and talk to your record player. It’s honestly getting dull. Oh, I totally missed “Ernie’s Mom” – after that comes Bob & Doug’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” – which is played every year at Christmas time on every radio station – which really makes you think that Christmas is coming soon. This is one of the only few high points of this album, but it’s more or less for the nostalgia part of it all. “And a beer… in a tree.” – eventually they seem to get backing vocalists on this song. “Ralph the Dog” comes up next, and there are some funny parts, but nothing overly amazing, just Doug barking. “Okay. This is the End, eh?” ends the album, and it’s basically more talking.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – This is Our Album, Eh?
A2 – The Beerhunter
A3 – School Announcements
A4 – The Miracle of Music
A5 – Peter’s Donuts
A6 – Gimme a Smoke
A7 – Take Off
A8 – Coffee Sandwich

B1 – Welcome to Side Two
B2 – Doug’s Mouth
B3 – Elron McKenzie
B4 – Black Holes
B5 – You Are Our Guest
B6 – Ernie’s Mom
B7 – Twelve Days of Christmas
B8 – Ralph the Dog
B9 – Okay. This Is the End, Eh?


Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Production Co-Ordinator – Jennifer Argles
Mix Engineer – Rick Shurman
Engineers – Gary Gray & Steve Convery
Assistant Engineer – Peter Lee
Musicians – Kerry Crawford, Jonathan Goldsmith, Dave Nichol & Bob DiSalle
Singers – Colina Phillips, Shawne Jackson, Sharon Lee Williams, Jamie Ray, Debbie Fleming, Bob Ferrar & Geddy Lee
Studios – Sounds Interchange, Manta Sound & Damon
Produced – Marc Giacomelli, Rick Shurman & Kerry Crawford
Photography – R.S. ZYP
Session Photos – Nigel Scott
Sleeve Photos – Patrick Harbron
Typesetting – Silver Line Prod.
Design – Martin Soldat
A Street Noise Production

Thanks to Andrew Alexander for providing the opportunity, Tom Berry, Peggy Goldberg & Peg Cecconi of Anthem, Louis Silverstein, and especially to Geddy Lee and Rush. To Chris & Andy Keen for listening to the cassette in their father’s car.
And to Mo & Annie, Mo & John, Jill & Pam & Ella for living with Bog & Doug, Phil & the folks at CJME, Regina the HOSERTOWN. Special thanks to the cast of SCTV, Andrea, Catherine, Eugene, John and Joe.

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