Daryl Hall – “Sacred Songs”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 I remember the first time I ever heard this album, I loved it. Apparently it’s also highly sought after by die-hard Daryl Hall fans. Fun Fact, I was told I used to look like Daryl Hall when I was younger.

 The album opens with the title track, “Sacred Songs” which opens with some sick guitar playing and nice piano playing, the vocals are a little hard to understand at first, but then when the chorus comes around they are more audible, and it’s a good opening track. After that comes my favorite song on this album, “Something in 4/4 Time” and it’s a pretty great track, the chorus is absolutely tremendous and the musicianship rocks. That little guitar solo in the middle though. Amazing. Then Daryl hits some really, really high notes, and it’s quite impressive. “Babs and Babs” comes next, and well, it’s a good song with some good musicianship. The little female background vocalists are nice too, but seriously, we’re all here for Daryl, are we not? That was just a weird little instrumental in the middle there, but we are back to Daryl, and all is good. More weird instrumental parts. Then comes “Urban Landscape” which is kind of weird and ambient until it just breaks off into a weird guitar riff and some repetitive drumming, and then Daryl Hall yelling things, it’s very, very different. Turns out, the shouting and guitar riff is “NYCNY” and well, it’s definitely a different way to end the A-Side, it’s not awful, but it’s also not good. I still love Daryl Hall though, he’s pretty great. Of course, the song does the one thing I hate… suddenly stop.

 The B-Side opens with “The Father Away I Am“, it’s slower, quieter, ambient and well, really mellow. I kinda like it. Then comes the song “Why Was It So Easy” and it’s another really mellow track, it definitely veers away from what the A-Side had presented me with, but so far, it’s not a bad album. Then comes the song “Don’t Leave Me Alone with Her” and it’s a pretty good track, it begins to veer away from that mellowness that we had been given, I like it, and we’re getting louder again, this is what we need right now! None of this mellowness that puts me to sleep. Just good tunes and good vibrations. Then comes the song “Survive” and it’s another long track, but it seems to be a good one. I find the previous track was a little too long for my liking. It’s a relaxing track, and Daryl’s vocals are superb. “Without Tears” closes the album, and it’s a nice song to close the album with. That high note though.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Sacred Songs
A2 – Something in 4/4 Time
A3 – Babs and Babs
A4 – Urban Landscape

B1 – The Father Away I Am
B2 – Why Was It So Easy
B3 – Don’t Leave Me Alone with Her
B4 – Survive
B5 – Without Tears

RCA Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Robert Fripp (August 1977)
Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer & Mandar – Daryl Hall
Guitar & Frippertronics – Robert Fripp
Drums – Roger Pope
Bass – Kenny Passarelli
Guitar – Caleb Quaye
Saxophone & Background Vocals – Charlie De Chant
Background Vocals – David Kent
Recorded at The Hit Factory, NYCNY
Engineer – Ed Sprigg
Assistant Engineer –  Ted Spencer
Album Cover – Sara Allen
Photography – William Coupon
Management – Tommy Mottola

Other Albums I Own by Daryl Hall:
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