Diana Hubbard – “LifeTimes”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Diana’s music has a classical flavor yet it is fresh and contemporary.
 You can feel a unique excitement in LifeTimes: These recordings brought together a small symphony of talented friends. Their contributions are personal, freely creative and often daring.
 Take some time for yourself, away from the crowds in a peaceful space… Through LifeTimes. Music you’ve felt but not heard.

Personal Review:
So, this is an instrumental jazz album by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter, Diana – who is still somewhere in the church – or something. Uh, yea. She’s kinda hot.
So, the A-Side opens with “Rose Colored Lights” and Diana can play the piano, there is all these amazingly cool backing synthesizer noises which make the song pretty enjoyable for like hotel lobbies. It makes for a good opening track, it goes onto the song “Morning” – and well, it’s an okay track, if you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss it. Then comes “Russian Roulette” – which is the first track on the album that is over two minutes long! There is some pretty nice piano playing, kinda like ‘boom, boom, BOOM!’ – I wonder what it was like working on this album, and if L. Ron was there during the production? Though, “Russian Roulette” kind of keeps going on and on, then again, it does have a first and second movement to it. Then comes the track “Dream #23” – and my first question, where is every dream before it? Why is it #23? It’s slow, and you know, I think it would make for good music in an elevator. It’s actually a pretty decent album so far, not as bad as I thought it would be, thought I do like vocalization. The song breaks are so limited, that if you don’t pay enough attention, you’ll miss a whole track, I kind of missed “Bewitched” and only caught on at the final track break, but it’s okay, kind of dull. The album ends with “Rainy Streets” which is like that slow, piano playing that you’d hear in one of those classic romance movies. I’m sure we all know what I am talking about, right?

The B-Side opens with “Dream #5” – and same as before, where is every other dream? We now know of #5 and #23, but nothing between, before or after… Diana, what is this? I definitely am digging Diana’s music. “Arabia” comes up next, and so far it seems to be my favorite track on this album. It’s quite nice to listen to. “Berlin 1945” comes up next, it’s strikingly familiar to “Arabia” – now wasn’t L. Ron in World War 2? So, Berlin 1945? I don’t remember. “Desperation” comes next, and well, it has some pretty interesting piano playing, I definitely would not mind getting a music sheet for this album, as a lot of the songs are pretty interesting in their own respect. “Medieval Heart” comes next, and the question that comes to mind is… what exactly is a ‘Medieval Heart’? The song is pretty good, I would feel very comfortable hearing it in my dentists office. It’s a pretty good album so far. The album ends with “Midnight #3” and so far, no album has ever made me question so much as this one has, like where is every other midnight? This is too confusing. It’s a good track, definitely another one of those classic romance movie ending songs. I have no complaints about this album.

Interesting Facts:
Not so much an interesting fact, I just am oddly fascinated with this picture.
(Suzette, Diana, Arthur and Quentin)

Track Listing:
A1 – Rose Colored Lights
A2 – Morning
A3 – Russian Roulette
A4 – Dream #23
A5 – Bewitched
A6 – Rainy Streets

B1 – Dream #5
B2 – Arabia
B3 – Berlin 1945
B4 – Desperation
B5 – Medieval Heart
B6 – Midnight #3

Waterhouse 8

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Piano – Diana Hubbard
Synthesizers – Chick Corea, Michael Boddicke & Patrick Moraz
String Bass – Stanley Clarke
Violas – David Campbell, Ron Strauss & Helaine Wittenberg
Woodwinds – Jim Cowger
Cello – Dennis Karmazyn
Bouzouki – Al Hendrickson
Drums – Denny Seiwell
Bass – Johnny Pierce
Violin – Carole Shive, Ken Yerke, John Wittenberg, Bob Dubow & Lya Stern

Produced & Arranged by David Campbell
Executive Producer – Jimmie Spheeris
Photography – David Alexander, Hollywood, CA

A Huge Thanks to My Father, L. Ron Hubbard.

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