Doug Warren – “Doug Warren… At Home”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 This collection of old and new favorites – Doug Warren… At Home – is well named. Doug handles the key-board in the reflective style that has earned the description “laid-back” from friends. He’s at home with the music and it would be an insensitive listener who could resist leaning back and enjoying it too. There are no sharp twists or turns in this album. Just a series of well loved melodies lovingly played.
 This is Doug’s second recording and this time he is backed up by strings. The orchestration by Sheldon Nadler is calculated to complement and support his interpretation of each piece and – in the words of producer Roy Warhurst – it “enhances and sweetens” his style. That style is unique. Doug moves through well-known songs like “Feelings” and “You Light Up My Life” at a highly personal pace. The result is an album that allows the listener to savor each phrase and forms a delightful backdrop to quiet moments at home. Especially in Doug’s own composition “At Home,” can the feelings be sensed. 
 Could it be the style of life on a foothills quarter section that does it? Calgarians who know Doug from appearances in the highly polished city night-spots may be surprised ti learn that his life away fro music revolves around his horse ranch operation near Sundre, Alberta.
 Mark Tait
 Calgary Herald

Personal Review:
 I got this one for many reasons, man petting horse, piano in a pasture, signature… No idea what it even sounds like, but hey “Doug Warren… At Home“… home is a pasture. Sounds good.

 The album opens with the song “At Home” and we’re greeted with some piano playing by Doug, and well, it doesn’t seem like there are vocals on this track, and most likely no other tracks either, but hey at least Doug can play. Yup, no vocals, onwards to “If I Only Had Time” and once more, Doug continues to play very, very well. The recording quality seems a little shoddy though. I do like the piano playing. It’s relaxing. So, after that we go to “Tara’s Theme” – it begs the question, who is Tara, why is this her theme? (I know, it’s most likely from a show or a movie.) this track also seems like it far much longer than only 2 minutes, 40 seconds. According to the liner notes, Doug is playing on keyboard… the cover shows a piano. So, after that we go onto the slow, “Day by Day” and I will admit, despite how slow and vocal-less this album is, it is really calming and relaxing. We then carry on with the song “The Way We Were” and I really do wish Doug Warren was at least singing with SOME of the tracks, but instead he takes the high road and just plays piano. I’m not even sure which track I am on anymore… Oh, we were still on the same track. The A-Side closes with “Let the Rest of the World Go By” and well, once more, piano playing, Doug, horse, music, etc.

The B-Side opens with “You Light Up My Life” and isn’t that a Debby Boone song? I’m pretty sure it is. It’s alright. “The Last Farewell” comes next, and well, we seem to stick to the same type of slow, dullness, and it’s kind of a shame, because Doug is talented, just this isn’t my thing. “I’m in the Mood for Love” comes next, and well, I could make so many jokes about the song title and the cover of this album, but I don’t have the energy to think of any. It’s actually not a bad song though, there seems to be a violin in this one. “My Way” comes next, and personally, I prefer Sid Vicious’ version, but hey, Doug is good. “Feelings” follows next, and well, same as the others. The album ends with the song “Over the Rainbow” and well, it’s one of my favorite songs, like ever, and Doug delivers it perfectly – (I’d probably hear it better if my phone wasn’t ringing in my ear.) – and well, I like it.

 Doug Warren kind of reminds me of this album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – At Home
A2 – If I Only Had the Time
A3 – Tara’s Theme
A4 – Day By Day
A5 – The Way We Were
A6 – Let the Rest of the World Go By

B1 – You Light Up My Life
B2 – The Last Farewell
B3 – I’m in the Mood for Love
B4 – My Way
B5 – Feelings
B6 – Over the Rainbow

Ambience Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded by Handlebar Productions
Location Recording – Palliser Hotel, Calgary
Engineer – Jim Lewis
Cover Photos – Jim Williams
Liner Notes – Mark Tait
Arrangements – Sheldon Nadler
Produced by Roy Warhurst

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