Eddy Arnold – “A Little on the Lonely Side”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 There are a few voices in each generation born to make the sounds of love… to sing the words and tones of ecstasy and heartbreak. Such voices are not mere vocal cords. They are a composite of laughter and tears, the trials and triumphs experienced by the owner of that given set of vocal cords. Such a voice is made up of the warmth and the sincerity of the person to whom the given vocal cords belong.
 Such a voice speaks not only to, but for, every one who has ever been in love. Such a voice is Eddy Arnold.
 To many Eddy Arnold has been and is known exclusively as a “country singer.” To a growing legion o many others Eddy has come to be known as an outstanding popular singer. To millions most familiar with Eddy’s voice and talents he is just a singer. A great singer, if you will, but not one to be categorized.
 For to say that Eddy is exclusively a country singer (as proud as he is of being thus referred to) is to say that a kiss can only be thrilling in Tennessee and not in New York; that a caress can only excited a lover on Main Street and not on Broadway; that a Brooks Brothers suit or Dior gown are greater protection against loneliness and heartbreak than calico, gingham or overalls.
 Eddy is a country singer in the same sense that he was born a farm in Henderson, Tennessee; in the sense that a great number of the more than thirty-two million records he has sold were bought by folks who live in rural areas of our land; in the sense that some of his million-record sellers, like Bouquet of Roses and Anytime, were considered “country” songs.
 But in the years since he left the farm, in the decade during which he has been singing professionally, Eddy has played in virtually every metropolitan city in the nation, as well as in literally hundreds of small towns. He has appeared before the most sophisticated of city night club audiences, and in tobacco warehouses in small Southern towns. And in country or city he has been equally well received.
 He has had his own live network television shows on the ABC-TV and the NBC-TV networks. His syndicated TV-film series, “Eddy Arnold Time,” is programmed in large and small cities throughout the country. Recently he concluded a network radio show for CBS. On all of these shows Eddy sang popular as well as country songs.
 Over and over again the great love songs he “started” in the so-called country field have become tremendously popular song successes. The aforementioned Bouquet of Roses and Anytime and the more recent You Don’t Know Me are just three examples.
 In short, Eddy has long since proved that his  is one of the great voices of our time to make the sounds of love. And down through the years Eddy has had request after request to sing the great standard songs which are everlastingly, the most popular “sounds of love.” He has, indeed, performed these songs frequently in personal appearances, on television and radio. But now for the first time has has recorded them.
 When Eddy sings the title song of this album, A Little On the Lonely Side, he “speaks” to and for lonely lovers whether they pine in a frame farmhouse or posh penthouse; when he describes That Old Feeling, the boy in the custom-made suit and the girl in sun-bonnet alike will recall precious moments with their sweethearts.
 And each of the ten other songs in this collection will be recognized readily as the words and tones, which have most poignantly, most passionately told the modern tales, true and untrue. But you have never heard these words and tones sung before quite like Eddy Arnold sings them here.
  If you are one of the millions of “old’ Eddy Arnold fans, the tremendous warmth, the spine-tingling feeling, the infinitely moving sincerity and simplicity with which Eddy makes these sounds of love will be just what you expected.
 If you are just “discovering” Eddy Arnold, we believe that in this package we can promise you a listening thrill you won’t soon forget. And one you’ll want to experience over and over and over again. 
 Joseph Csida

Personal Review:
 To be 100% completely honest, I bought this album because the dog looks like Scooby-Doo… I oughta stop doing that.

 The album opens with “Don’t Take Your Love from Me” and you definitely can tell this is the mid-50’s when just listening to the musicianship. The vocals themselves, are surely… different. Really slow, and really boring. After that comes “It Had to Be You” and we seem to be continuing a going trend with uninteresting songs here on this album. “That Old Feeling” comes next, and here we are still sitting here bored, maybe Eddy should only do country? Then again, I’ve never heard his country tunes. We come to the point where the song “The Very Thought of You” and we’re still bored, even the musicianship is boring. It’s kind of bad at how boring this album is. The title track, “A Little On the Lonely Side” comes next, and well, I’m a little on the bored side. Like, I’ll give Eddy the credit, he is good at singing, this is just really boring. The A-Side ends with “Sometime” and well, you know if this was ending the album, I’d be more satisfied, but it’s not, so I’m not satisfied. To be fair, this is the best sounding song so far.

 I Don’t Know Why” opens the B-Side, and well, it’s okay, but compared to the other on the otherside, it remains the same. “I Cried for You” comes next, and I’m crying because of how bored I am with this album. I’m slightly disappointed in this actually, like I expected so much more. “You’ll Never Know” comes next, and I literally don’t even remember it and I sat here listening to the whole thing. Then comes “September Song” which is a song I know very well, but I prefer the Lotte Lenya version, to be frank. Though, you cannot hate on this song simply for the chorus itself. Then comes the song “I Only Have Eyes for You” and it’s still pretty blah, this whole album has been a huge disappointment for me, and I’m quite sad about that. The album then ends (!!!) with the song “The Way You Look Tonight” and much to my disappointment, I don’t know this song.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Don’t Take Your Love From Me
A2 – It Had to Be You
A3 – That Old Feeling
A4 – The Very Thought of You
A5 – A Little On the Lonely Side
A6 – Sometime

B1 – I Don’t Know Why
B2 – I Cried For You
B3 – You’ll Never Know
B4 – September Song
B5 – I Only Have Eyes for You
B6 – The Way You Look Tonight

RCA Victor

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Orchestra Conducted by Charles Grean

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