“Folk Songs & Hootenanny featuring Ed McCurdy”

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 Hootenanny is sweeping the country; from the large auditorium, to the college campus, to the backyard barbecue, folk music as once again captured the fancy of young and old alike. It is understandable why the popularity of folk songs has been a recurring trend, for the sound of folk music is the expression of genuine emotion in words and music. Music, not from the pens of skilled musicians, but from the hearts and thoughts of usually untutored country folk seeking a way to communicate a story, though, or feeling. These songs have been handed down generation to generation and are often keys to the experiences and way of life of our ancestors.
 To those who may ask how a city born singer can sing a genuine country blues, we quote Ed McCurdy who once pointed out “I’ve never been a motherless child, but I know what it is to be lonely”. Ed McCurdy is one of todays most successful singers in the popular folk idiom.

Personal Review:
 I got this one because I saw it and thought that the guy on the cover was Ed, and that it was some good ol’ fashion hillbilly music from some private label – upon googling for more pictures, I was left incorrect – nevertheless, here is the review!

 The album opens with the song “Squid Jiggin Ground” and well, it’s definitely not what I thought it was at all, it’s a lot like that other album that I had reviewed awhile back, I’m actually kind of disappointed in this. Like, I was expecting more fast paced, with fiddles and banjos. Up next comes the song “John Hardy” and well, it begins to pick up a bit, this song is a lot better than the previous track. Yup, yes it is. The first song sucked. This one does not. I still do wish they put banjos or fiddles in this song, instead it’s all just guitar picking. Kind of disappointing. Then comes the song “Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor” and I’m not understand why we keep going back to these songs these crappy songs, this song is about a guy who is a sailor who gets eaten by a whale. After that comes the song “The Old Chisholm Trail” and well, we’re back to the old folky country sound that I like, I’m thinking either this album isn’t 100% Ed McCurdy, or Ed is like Bowie and can do a lot of different voices when singing, because this song is actually decent. Then comes the song “Lukey’s Boat” and we’re back to the vocal style I do not like, and I’m getting really frustrated with this album pretty fast.

The B-Side opens with the song “Sally Brown” and well, we seem to be keeping on with that god awful vocal style. I’m guessing that if it’s not Ed McCurdy singing every song, the record label that pressed this album didn’t know what they were doing. “Careless Love” follows  next and it’s pretty decent, fiddles and banjos. So I’m happy with that. By the way, I was correct, this isn’t an Ed McCurdy release, it is a poorly made various artist release. As the first song is an Oscar Brand song. “Black is the Color” comes next, and it’s pretty slow and boring… but hey, at least the vocals are good. Also, even though I now know this a various artist release, I’m not going to re-write the review. (I will edit.) “Back Bay Hill” comes next, and we’re back to that vocal style I’m not liking, can we just stick to the few folk country tracks that I actually enjoyed? “Red River Valley” ends the album. It’s a slower song, but hey, it’s okay.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Squid Jiggin Ground
A2 – John Hardy
A3 – Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor
A4 – The Old Chisholm Trail
A5 – Lukey’s Boat

B1 – Sally Brown
B2 – Careless Love
B3 – Black is the Color
B4 – Back Bay Hill
B5 – Red River Valley

Spin-O-Rama Records

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