Gary (Dee) Bradford – “The Composer”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Let’s talk about Gary for a moment – Gary is one of those most talented men I’ve ever met, he’s been singing for all of his life and has released a good amount of albums. I currently own two of them, plus a single – and one compilation he sings on.

 The album opens with “United We Stand” – comparatively to Gary’s first album and to this one, you can surely hear the MAJOR voice difference – even compared to the SWGMA Favorites – though this album has more of the CCM feel to it, as opposed to Gary’s southern Gospel feel of first album, this song though is pretty great! After that comes the track “Hour Glass” and Gary as an absolutely powerful voice that was made to sing praise to the Lord! Then comes the song “The King is in Control” and it’s a slower song, but Gary’s vocalization makes it all the more worth it. The piano playing on this track are pretty great too. “His Eye is On the Sparrow” follows up next, and Gary’s vocals are beyond amazing – he hits every note perfectly, and the musicianship is great. “Give Restoration” ends the A-Side, it’s a bit slower and softer, but still beautiful as ever. It’s a strong way to end the A-Side.

 The B-Side opens with the song “When the Going Gets Tough” – and the message is clear and a great message it is! Gary sings this song beautifully! Gary is such a wonderful singer! I love his music. Then the song “Brothers in Arms” comes next with some soft acoustic guitar playing, and Gary begins to sing and when the chorus comes along – it’s an amazing track! I cannot get over how great this album is! Then comes the title track and single from this album, “The Composer” which is a really strong track, and everything about this album has been great so far! I love this song, and Gary’s vocals are so great! I cannot say it enough! After that comes the track, “The Lord’s Prayer” and may I say that the piano playing is also very superb, and Gary has sort of a opera type voice on this song! It’s a pretty great thing! The album ends with the song “Were You There” comes, it’s a shorter track and a vocal track – but it makes for a pretty good ending track!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – United We Stand
A2 – Hour Glass
A3 – The King is in Control
A4 – His Eye is On the Sparrow
A5 – Give Restoration

B1 – When the Going Gets Tough
B2 – Brothers in Arms
B3 – The Composer
B4 – The Lord’s Prayer
B5 – Were You There

NewSong Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Vic Clay
Bass – John Mays
Percussion – Terry McMillian
Drums – Mark Hammond
Piano – David Hutsinger
Synthesizer – David Hutsinger & John Slick
Acoustic Guitar – Vic Clay
Background Vocals – First Call (Marty McCall, Melodie Tunney & Bonnie Keen)
Recorded at Reflections, Oak Valley, Tree Studios, G.H.L. Truck, Nashville, TN
Engineers – Lee Peterzell, Eddie Howard & Gary Hedden
Photography – D&D Photo Services
Album Cover – Mei Haenze

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“The Composer / The Composer (Instrumental)”
Gary Dee Bradford Sings for You, and You, and You

Other Albums I Own that Gary (Dee) Bradford Appears On:
SWGMA Favorites, Vol. 1


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