Glenda Lee (Day) & Richard Miller – “Special: Dixie Echoes (’66)”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 In every generation there is atleast one who is destined to be a top entertainer who will thrill the hearts of thousands. I believe this one to be Glenda Lee Day. So confident am I of her talent, personality, and testimony, that I have signed her to a life-time contract to record on the M-G-N label and to accompany our group on personal appearances. Typical crowds range up to 30,000 (Bonifay, Florida; Mr. J.G. Whitfield, Pensacola). One must have poise, charm and an abundance of talent to repeatedly appear before such throngs. I know you will agree that our confidence in her is justified. Ladies and gentlemen, we present GLENDA LEE DAY.
 – Glenda Day
 Glenda Lee Day was born December 13, 1946, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Victor Wiegel. Displaying an early interest in music, she began playing the piano as soon as she could climb on the bench. Such dedication now allows her to play anything she hears, without the advantage of formal lessons, although she mastered playing by note in ’68.
 At the age of six Glenda was stricken with double pneumonia and rheumatic fever. Treating physicians said she would not live, and it looked like a tremendous talent had come to an end. But God has His hand upon Glenda’s life, and being the Great Physician, He raised her up in what doctors called a miracle. This is evidence that God had a purpose for this life, as He does for each of us if we will only yield our lives to Him.
 Glenda Lee starting playing for church at the age of 8, playing and singing with local gospel groups at 12, traveling much of the time. This also involved her Dad and began an early television career. She taught herself to play the accordian, a gift from paternal grandparents, after renting a small one for $4-a-month, supplied from the $6-a-month she earned herself by working one day a week. Shortly, the music compant wanted to sell it or have it returned. For lock of money, it was returned by a disappointed child prodigy. Seeing the potential professionalism, her grandparents bought her a larger accordian the same day.
 She continued singing and playing with a local group for several years before a young man came into her life. Now Mrs. James Day, she was involved in solo work across the country before joining with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller. Glenda and the Millers provide music for rallies separately or together. She relates that she is constantly encouraged by their high spirits and unfailing determination to serve, influencing America and foreign fields.
 “Raise them up in the way you would have them go, and they’ll not depart when they are old;” “…they will raise and call you blessed.” Such philosophy is recklessly abandoned by child-guidance counselors who have lost communication with their own children, but it still works. Acknowledging Christ as having taken her faults upon Him, Glenda was 15, Jim 32, both in a local church, after having a grandmother and mother who were Sunday School teachers all their lives. Evidence of having Christ in your home and prayer in your life is passed from one generation to the next. It is our hope that this album will bless your home and help spread the gospel of Christ throughout the world. The life that we live today will be seen in the lives of others tomorrow. May we realize that TODAY is the time to live for Christ, we really don’t have plenty of time.

Personal Review:
 So, the last full length LP known to man in the saga of Richard Miller. It’s been a long time I’ve pursued this record and am glad to present it with you now.

 The album opens with Mrs. Glenda Day singing “Through It All” – and it cut rights into her belting out the title of the song, Glenda is surely a powerful singer, and Richard’s skill at the organ are shown in this amazing opening track. Both are truly wonderful. It’s a really great song. We go onto Richard singing his rendition of “The Possible Dream” there is a slightly heavenly hum in the back as Richard plays on the piano now, and his amazing southern drawl comes out perfectly. Richard begins to hit those highnotes, imagine being in the studio with this man, I’m blown away by his talent! “Redemption Draweth Nigh” comes next, and Glenda once more gives us a very proving performance, and his vocals are just too great. “Love Like the Sun” comes next, and it begins with some low singing by Glenda whilst Richard plays that organ like a boss back there! These two are just amazing! My gosh, these vocals of Glenda’s are absolutely beautiful, almost jazzy! “Plenty of Time” opens with beautiful piano playing and goes into Glenda singing once more, and you have no idea how wonderful this album is, and just how much I love it. “The Night Before Easter” comes next, and well, needless to say it’s amazing. I love Richard supporting Glenda on the piano and organ, it’s so great. The A-Side closes with “Precious Memories” which is a wonderful duet between Richard and Glenda, and the two of them compliment each others vocals beautifully.

 The B-Side opens with the song “Something Worth Living For” and once more it’s sung by Richard and Glenda, I do ask the question if Richard’s wife Gail, or Glenda’s husband James join in on any of the records, Richard did do an album with Gail in 1967. This song is so amazing, and I absolutely love them singing together. We continue on with Richard singing the track “I’m Born Free” and he is just so amazing at singing, I love Richard’s singing so much, I wish he had released more albums! After that we have a guitar instrumental by Richard titled “Jesus Hold My Hand” and you know, this guy plays the guitar better than most of us can. He’s beyond talented and just such a wonderful man. Then comes Glenda singing “If God Ruled Your Heart” and we continue to hear wonderful tunes from this gifted woman. Just beautiful. “Build My Mansion” comes next and Glenda begins to sing it, and the despite the poor recording quality of this recording, it’s still a great song. The whole album is great. The album ends with Richard’s signature track, “Jesus Use Me” with the Dixie Echoes on backing vocals, and even Glenda is on the backing vocals! This is just fantastic! I absolutely love it! A beautiful end to an album by two wonderfully talented singers.

 Now time for pizza.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Through it All
A2 – The Possible Dream
A3 – Redemption Draweth Nigh
A4 – Love Like the Sun
A5 – Plenty of Time
A6 – The Night Before Easter
A7 – Precious Memories

B1 – Something Worth Living For
B2 – I’m Born Free
B3 – Jesus Hold My Hand (Guitar)
B4 – If God Ruled Your Heart
B5 – Build My Mansion
B6 – Jesus Use Me (Dixie Echoes)

M-G-N Records

Catalog Number:
TE – 1005

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
None listed.

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