Graham & Eleanor Townsend – “North America’s Only Championship Fiddle Team”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So, I got this album because it was signed on the back and I had little to no idea what to expect when playing it.

 Clear the Track” opens the album, and well, it’s fiddling… and that’s about it! The track is pretty good, a bit repetitive, but still good. “Liberty Two Step” comes next, and it’s more fiddling, it’s good fiddling, but still fiddling, I’m not quite sure about this just yet. We go onto “Larry O’Gaff” and I must say that this would be ten times better with more banjo in it. Though, it is catchy and I am bobbing my head along to the music. Next up, “Father O’Flynn” and you know, I’m not complaining about this, because the fiddle is an extremely difficult instrument, but like, I’m not if I can sit through 16 more songs. It’s good, just a little much for me. “Newlywed’s Reel” comes next and it’s a decent track, there is even some drumming in it. “Rustic Rig” comes next, and it’s a lot like the previous track, fiddling and some drums, I do think some vocals may benefit the listening pleasure of this. “Peter’s Favourite” comes next, and this one the Townsend’s utilize more than just drums and fiddles, because… THERE’S BANJOS IN THIS TRACK! It’s actually pretty great this one. After that comes “Operator’s Reel” and it seems to be getting better as the album continues on, the fiddling is slowly becoming less of just being there in my mind, and more enjoyable. “Ste. Anne’s Reel” comes next, and once more they seem to utilize more than just one or two instruments in this track. And finally, the A-Side closes with the track “Angus Campbell” and there really isn’t much I can say, lots of fiddling on this side of the record, and I bet there is more on the other side.

 The B-Side opens with “Moon River Hornpipe” and yup, fiddles. “McDowell’s Breakdown” follows next, it’s longer and fiddle filled. It’s alright though, not bad. This is actually a pretty good track, well arranged and fiddled right. “The Jewel Waltz” follows next, and it’s slower and has some piano in it, so it’s not all that bad. “Buchta Dancer’s Polka” comes next, and I’ve never been a polka fan, despite the copius amounts of polka I have, this is listenable though, it’s not awful. “Maggie Mawhinney’s Jig” comes next, and the name on it’s own is mouthful to say, the song though, is a slower track, decent. “Little Bob River” comes next, and I think this one has some guitar playing in it, I’m not 100% sure on this one, but I think it does. “Cowboy’s Reel” comes next, and it’s a decent track. We go onto the track “Wildwood Waltz” and it seems to be a slower track, not bad, just slow. “Forester’s Hornpipe” comes next, and it’s pretty upbeat and peppy, it’s a decent track. I’m not completely bored of this album. The album closes with the song “Grand Valley Reel” and all in all, it wasn’t all that bad to listen to, just long and fiddle filled.

Interesting Facts:
I don’t even know what that says.

Track Listing:
A1 – Clear the Track
A2 – Liberty Two Step
A3 – Larry O’Gaff
A4 – Father O’Flynn
A5 – Newlywed’s Reel
A6 – Rustic Rig
A7 – Peter’s Favourite
A8 – Operator’s Reel
A9 – Ste. Anne’s Reel
A10 – Angus Campbell

B1 – Moon River Hornpipe
B2 – McDowell’s Breakdown
B3 – The Jewel Waltz
B4 – Buchta Dancer’s Polka
B5 – Maggie Mawhinney’s Jig
B6 – Little Bob River
B7 – Cowboy’s Reel
B8 – Wildwood Waltz
B9 – Forester’s Hornpipe
B10 – Grand Valley Reel

Standout Track:
“Peter’s Favourite”

Music 20

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Arranged by Graham & Eleanor Townsend

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