Hiding Out: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Personal Review:
 So, back in the late 80’s, Jon Cryer (Alan Harper from “Two and a Half Men“) was coming off a series of film roles, “Pretty in Pink” and “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” (to name a few.) when he starred in the movie “Hiding Out” where he plays a Wall Street banker hiding from the mob who are trying to kill him. Anyways, on wards to the film soundtrack.

 So, the soundtrack opens with Boy George’s “Live My Life” – and well, it’s always good to open an album with a Boy George song, right? It’s the 80’s of course. Boy George is honestly one of my favorite singers of the 80’s, unfortunately this isn’t one of his best songs, (I prefer “Everything I Own“). Though, the fact the album opens with Boy George is a plus for me. After that comes the song “Bang Your Head” by Lolita Pop, which is a band I’ve never heard of. It’s a better song, and I don’t mean better than Boy George, but like the song itself is a good song, softer rock sound. It’s not a bad song, a bit repetitive. Then comes the track “(Catch Me) I’m Falling” by Pretty Poison and well, here we go with some of that electro pop of the 80’s, you know that stuff that has all those remix noises and stuff, and it’s really obnoxious. Right? Yea, that is what this song is. The female vocals are pretty decent, except for the remix parts. I think it tries too hard to be dance pop. Scarlett & Black’s “You Don’t Know” comes next, and here we are in 1987, listening to all of this wonderful 80’s music, and you know, this song is one of those wonderful 80’s songs. The late 80’s weren’t that good with their music, but hey, this song is one of the one of the good ones. Then comes Felix Cavaliere with “So Different Now” and it just so happens to be the song that ends the A-Side, and well, it’s not the best way to end the A-Side, but hey, it’s an okay track, just not one that I’d prefer. Maybe something from this album would be more suitable.

 The B-Side opens with All That Jazz and their song “Run! Hide!” and you know, I like All That Jazz, they’re not a bad band. It’s actually a pretty great way to open the B-Side. The chorus is pretty great too. Definitely a strong way to open the B-Side. After that comes the track “I Refuse” by Hue & Cry, which has a pretty funky beat to it on the 80’s pop vibe. The singer definitely has an interesting voice for sure, and the backing vocals are pretty cool sounding too. Then comes the biggest song on the album, Roy Orbison and the ever so beautifully talented k.d. lang singing the song “Crying” and it is, and has to be the most epic duet ballad song. It’s absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. One of the greatest pieces of music, ever. Then k.d. hits some awesome notes and this song rocks. Then we come from the greatest song ever to a rap song (“Max for President Rap” – what.) written specifically for the movie and sung by the characters (Lee Anthony Brisdon, David L. Robinson & Daryl Smith) and it’s awful. Then we go into “Real Life” by Black Britain, and it kind of has that funk soul beat and sound to it. It’s an okay song, it also has very hip-hop sound vocals. Now I don’t like it. The chorus is good though. The album closes with the second greatest song, “Seattle” by Public Image Ltd. (The Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten‘s second band.) it’s a pretty great song and a great way to end the album. Yup, it was worth it.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Boy George – Live My Life
A2 – Lolita Pop – Bang Your Head
A3 – Pretty Poison – (Catch Me) I’m Falling
A4 – Scarlett & Black – You Don’t Know
A5 – Felix Cavaliere – So Different Now

B1 – All That Jazz – Run! Hide!
B2 – Hue & Cry – I Refuse
B3 – Roy Orbison & k.d. lang – Crying
B4 – Lee Anthony Brisdon, David L. Robinson & Daryl Smith – Max for President Rap
B5 – Black Britain – Real Life
B6 – Public Image Ltd. – Seattle

Virgin Records

Catalog Number:
VL 3019

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:


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