Jeff Steinberg – “Thinking of Love!”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 “People are doing a lot of talking these days. Sometimes the words get so tangled up in themselves that they make almost no sense. Then, it’s the quiet times that bring the world back into focus.
 For Jeff and me, those quiet times often mean more thinking about Calvary and the Cross. We’re not pessimists, we dislike the thought of death as much as anyone; but Christ’s death was different – it was the beginning of life.
 Of all the songs I have written, “Thinking of Love” can best be called “our song”, for it says what we both feel – that love and the cross are one and the same.
 When you think of love, what do you see?
We see Calvary; we hope you will too!

 Jeffrey L. Rudloff

Personal Review:
 Okay, to start off, I have to say Jeff is a very talented, one of a kind person that I am quite glad to have been able to speak to, and own all of his albums.
So, the album opens with the song, “You Won’t Believe the Difference” – Jeff has a very distinct style with how he sings, and it’s one that no other artist can do. It’s his unique talent. Then comes the song “It’s Called Love” which is another excellent example of Jeff’s talent, I honestly wish I could personally play each record for everyone who reads the posts on this website! Following it is the song, “I Can Feel the Touch of His Hand” which is a slower hand, and I got to give it to John Eaken who did the orchestrations on this album, he really accents Jeff. Especially when Jeff delivers some high notes. Then comes “Thank God for the Old Rugged Cross” and it’s amazing, Jeff has a way with delivering lyrics that makes me wish I could sing as well as he does! Anyways, so the A-Side closes with the song “He Died / Because of He Lives” – it’s a slower song, but Jeff is one of the few people who I can sit through one of their slower performances.

The B-Side opens with the title track, (which was written by another very talented Jeff, Jeff Rudloff – of the Total Victory Trio and Wind & Fire),  “Thinking of Love” – and it’s an amazing song, I would prefer if there were backing vocals on it. But Jeff once again delivers an amazing Gospel track for all of us! Next comes the song “More Than Life” which is a quick, happy upbeat song – it’s quite enjoyable. It is followed by the song “This, My Prayer” which is a slow song, but once more delivered beautifully by Jeff. Up next is the song “Touring that City” it starts off slow, but picks up and comes out to be an awesome track! The album ends with the track, “Statue of Liberty” which is a song about, well… the Statue of Liberty, and America. (Possibly my new favorite song?) anyways, it’s a great song!

In the end, Jeff is still up and about doing concerts. He can be found here.
God Bless Jeff!

Interesting Fact:

Track Listing:
A1 – You Won’t Believe the Difference
A2 – It’s Called Loved
A3 – I Can Feel the Touch of His Hand
A4 – Thank God for the Old Rugged Cross
A5 – He Died / Because He Lives

B1 – Thinking of Love
B2 – More Than Life
B3 – This, My Prayer
B4 – Touring that City
B5 – Statue of Liberty

Hymntone Records

Catalog Number:
HPS 7915

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded by David Still, Baldwin Sound Prod., Mechanicsburg, Pa.
Graphics/Layout by L. Clarke
Front Cover Photography by Bill Grine, Nashville, Tenn.
Back Cover Photography by Jeff Rudloff
Orchestration by John Eaken

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Other Albums I Own that Jeff Steinberg Appears on:
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  • Richard Halsey says:

    I first met Evelyn when she sang at Trinity College ,Dunedin, Floridathen she sang for us at the First Siuthern Methodist Church, Tampa. What a blessing from the Lord Evelyn was to everyone. Evelyn is the one Ihave always rememberedthe most. We now live in Newcomerstown, Ohio.

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