Jerry D. Brown – “A Crippled Boys Prayer”

The Sleeve:

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Thinking back on my childhood I knew a man that influenced my life greatly. M. Ralph Dixon, a loving man and always concerned with people.
 As Uncle Ralph talked to me, I remember he would always say just to be patient and you will learn. He was always willing to help you learn and he also showed patience.
Music was one of his favorite hobbies and he could play several instruments. He sang in the church choir with a beautiful bass voice that blessed that heard it.
 The most important thing Uncle Ralph had a personal relationship with God. He was not a loud Christian, telling others what he had done, but a silent one that prayed and walked with God with power.
 During his two years of illness, his conern was his family and not himself. As he grew physically weaker his faith in God grew stronger. As his time approached nearer, he planned ad prepared everything for his family, his precious wife, my Aunt Kathryn, his one daughter, three sons and four grandchildren.
 I can truly say through his illness, he along with his family lived, “ONE DAY AT A TIME”, but must of all I know Uncle Ralph was, “READY TO GO.” It was trough his life and testimony that I put these two songs on my album.
Uncle Ralph was a man alwats with love and concern for his fellow man. By his influence I am proud to say many things in my life was taught by him.
 One of my blessings in my life was this great uncle and my wonderful aunt. Through his influence on my life I desire to dedicate this alum in MEMORY OF MY UNCLE M. RALPH DIXON.
 Jerry Brown

 Sometime ago a friend gave me the music, “A Crippled Boy’s Prayer”, I glanced at it and put it aside. Even though I have been a child of God’s since I was eight years old, it was not until two years ago that I fully committed my heart to sing this song as well as others, with a new meaning.
 Each of the many many times I have rendered this song it has caused me to cry, some to smile, some to think, but it seemed it always stirred my heart most of all.
 One night as I was riding along this thought came to me, if I could only help someone I have never met and even some I may never meet. I could do this through making a record, there in the car I asked God if it was His will to work all the many difficulties out for this sixteen year old. I and God both knew finances was my biggest problem, but in less that a week with God arranged I had the money.
 As I prayerfully thanked God for this I asked for one more assurance that this was His will not mine. My next prater was in regards to the cover for the album. I told God I wanted a little boy that knew exactly what I was trying to say in the song, a cripple boy that loved Him and enjoyed music. I made one phone call and arrangements were made to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Evans and their precious seven year old, crippled son Ryan. They were happy and most co-operative in permitting Ryan to help in way for the picture on the cover of my first album.
 As I accepted God’s will for this album and preparations were being made I began to pray that through this record I could reach out with Christ’s message to many people they might share in God’s blessings as I have.
May God richly bless in your life as He has in mine is another of my prayers.
 Jerry Brown.

Personal Review:
 Where do I start? Do I start with the price I paid for this amazing piece of Gospel music? or The amazing vocals provided by Jerry Brown? Let’s start with the review.
 The album opens with the song “A Crippled Boy’s Prayer” – and out of all the versions of this song I’ve heard, Jerry’s version beats the rest (except maybe Marsha Fuller) – Jerry definitely has that southern Gospel voice, and it’s an amazing voice that he has. Jerry definitely delivers the song beautifully, even though he is singing it for the little boy on the cover. After that comes the song “King Jesus” – and it’s a beautiful song sung so wonderfully by Jerry, I cannot get over how great this boys voice is. Then comes the song “Because He Lives” and this is another one of the Gospel songs I know very well, and it is another song that Jerry performs beautifully. Then comes one of my favorite gospel tracks,  “One Day At a Time” which I do have to admit, I prefer Gary Bradford’s version – but Jerry does perform his version amazingly as well. The A-Side ends with “A Hill Called Mt. Calvary” – and it’s a slower track, but a good way to end the A-Side, and Jerry hits every note perfectly, there is no complaints on this album so far, or the songs. I also absolutely love the organ playing.

The B-Side opens with the song “Ten Thousand Angels” (sadly, not “Ten Thousand Years“) – and it’s a slower way to start the B-Side, but Jerry’s voice comes through beautifully. It’s kind of a really slow way to open the B-Side, slightly disappointed but still love Jerry’s voice. After that comes “The Apple Tree” (also performed by Donnie Saxe – which is my preferred version.) – but the story, and the moral and everything about it is perfect. It’s one of those stories that can get anyone. Then we go to the song “Build My Mansion” – and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, and will say it a million more times, why does it have to be a mansion? I don’t get it. Those are hard to clean. Though the song is sung well. I do enjoy the little spoken part of the song. Then comes the song “Why Me” – and whenever I get songs like this, I feel like adding a question mark, but I won’t. It is however a great song, and Jerry is a tremendous vocalist. I absolutely love this album. The album ends with the track “Ready to Go” – which is about the second coming of Jesus and Jerry being ready to go with Jesus. (I’m ready too.) There is a nice little spoken part in the song, while his background vocalists provide the… backing vocals.

 Anyways, long time a go I saw this record on eBay, I believe the bidding price was $250 and the buy it now price was $350. I had eventually succumbed to my urges and clicked buy it now, it had been shipped my UPS, which cost me another $150. Leaving me with a $600 record (after taxes.) but in the end, it was worth it!

Track Listing:
A1 – A Crippled Boy’s Prayer
A2 – King Jesus
A3 – Because He Lives
A4 – One Day at A Time
A5 – A Hill Called Mt. Calvary

B1 – Ten Thousand Angels
B2 – The Apple Tree
B3 – Build My Mansion
B4 – Why Me
B5 – Ready to Go

Interesting Fact:

Star Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Donna Allison – Organ
Chris Ricketts – Piano
Billy Killingsworth – Guitar
Brett Killingsworth – Bass Guitar
Glenn Allison & Lloyd C. Box III – Backing Vocals

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