Joan Rivers – “What Becomes A Semi-Legend Most?”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Joan talks about…

Personal Review:
 Joan Rivers was the queen of comedy, this was her 3rd LP.

 So, firstly it was recorded live, Joan was a very funny woman, the album opens with jokes about Liberace having Truman Capote’s baby. Apparently Joan also know whose gay and not gay, because she reads the National Enquirer. It helps her go to the bathroom, it replaces “bran muffins” – if you want to read something intelligent don’t buy the National Enquirer. (Says Joan.) oh, and UFO’s, never land in smart places or Jewish places – because they’d flip it over to see who made it. She goes on to talk about drugs. Joan is not into drugs – she emphasizes the ‘S‘ in drugs, mind you. “In California, if it’s white and on the table, someone is gonna sniff it.” – oh, and many cocaine jokes about the DeLorean. Now she goes on about New York, and how tough it is. “Cop frisking a horse.” – that got me. “In California if a guy flashes you play ring toss” – Joan is definitely very, very funny. After that she goes on about breast feeding… of a 14 year olds. “Boobies up!” – I’m dying here. She goes on about marriage – she talks about how she hates McDonalds too. She goes on about rock stars, and how she thinks they’re ugly, especially Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder – “that poor son of a bitch!” She goes on about men and women next, and you know, Joan does prove some awesome points in that monologue. “Lady Diana that poor bitch, they married her off to that gay guy – he can’t wait to become queen!” “those stupid ass ears on him!” I can’t take how much she is ragging on the royal family. “Marie Osmond makes Debby Boone look like a slut!” – oh shit, this is killing me! “You’re a jew and you took that shitty ring?” Apparently Elizabeth Taylor has great sex appeal, I love Liz. Joan thinks Liz is fat though. “She has more chins than a chinese phonebook!”

 She begins the B-Side with talking about how God divides. She definitely thinks Bo Derek is an idiot. “She lost in charades to Ray Charles” – she then goes about nurses and stewardesses marrying rich men. Stewardesses are bitches, according to Joan. Joan begins to rip into a girl who says she a stewardess. Joan continues about men she has dated and all that, a transvestite, proctologist, football players. She then goes on about bridesmaids. This is cracking me up so badly right now! She talks about being married, and childbirth and how it was to have and conceive her baby – in that order. “Melissa you ripped me to shreds. Go back to sleep.” – this album is absolutely funny. She begins to talk about Heidi Abromowitz – which is a girl who Joan went to school with or something. The album ends with Joan talking about the gynecologist. “Bravery is making a gynecologist appointment and showing up.

Can we talk here?” – Unfortunately, Joan passed away this afternoon at 1:17 PM.
June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – The National Enquirer and U.F.O. Sightings
A2 – Drugs
A3 – Living in New York
A4 – Before and After Marriage
A5 – Rock Stars
A6 – Men Vs. Women
A7 – The Royal Family
A8 – A Great Movie Star

B1 – How God Divides
B2 – Nurses and Stewardesses
B3 – Men She Dated
B4 – Being a Bridesmaid
B5 – Being Married
B6 – Childbirth
B7 – Heidi Abromowitz
B8 – Going to the Gynecologist

Geffen Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Edgar Rosenberg & Bill Sammeth

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