John Denver – “I Want to Live”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
This album is dedicated to Zachary and Anna Kate, and all their little friends everywhere.

 I passed one who had slain thousand and thousands more thronged at his side and granted him a life of peace with pennants waving gaily over his lands
 and I passed one who had saved thousands and one more came and sat by his side and played to him on an ancient lyre and kissed his hand on leavetaking
 and the slayer and the savior were one man and the thousands slain and the thousands saved were one man and the throngs who attended the first and the one who sang for the last were one man and I alone saw him
 for I am he
 Joe Henry

(*The text above comes from the inner sleeve)

Personal Review:
Let me start this by saying, I love John Denver. I always have, I always will. He was a very talent musician and a great humanitarian and animal rights activist. Major props to him. Anyways, this album just happens to have the most ironically tragic title. So, I figure it would make a good introductory Denver review. (Or at least Max thinks so!)
So, the first track is “How Can I Leave You Again” – and it’s a good way to start off the album! So, it’s pretty great so far! Next up is “Tradewinds” and John is still amazing. I personally find John to be one of the best country musicians that lived, (along the ranks of George Jones, Conway Twitty and Hank Williams), his songs relate to life and the good things in life and are all generally calming. Next up is “Bet on the Blues” – which kind of has the same type of music that is in the song “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain and Tennille. I honestly just can’t get into this song. It’s kind of blah. Next up is “It Amazes Me” which starts off slow, but suddenly picks up and it’s amazing! You could say “It Amazes ME” (haha. lame joke.) So far so good for this album. Next up is “To the Wild Country” which is a song about John’s lover of the world. Yes, John loved the world, and everyone and everything in it. (Unlike a certain other John…) the song is good, so we can continue to say we like this record. The A-Side closes with track “Ripplin’ Waters” and it’s a good way to close the A-Side. Not an overall super great song, but not horrible at all. It’s good.

So, the B-Side opens with “Thirsty Boots” – and it’s rather good, it’s your usual John Denver song. So, it’s all good in the hood. (I’ve been waiting for a perfect opening to say that for weeks now.) Then comes “Dearest Esmeralda” and it’s pretty good. I like the piano playing. “Singing Skies & Dancing Waters” comes up next, John Denver was just so unbelievably talented that it’s sad that he passed away. (Though, I do own his Wildlife Concert on VHS… and the CD) and this song is amazing too, amazing, amazing, amazing. Next up is the title track of the album, “I Want to Live” – which, now with the actual song makes it even sadder and more tragic. “I wanna live, I wanna grow, I wanna sing, I wanna know, I wanna share what I can give, I wanna live.” it’s really an emotional track. It just get more emotional as the song picks up, and more musicians get in on it. The final track is “Druthers” and it’s just a fun, happy track and great way to close the album.

John Denver was great. Much respect.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – How Can I Leave You Again
A2 – Tradewinds
A3 – Bet on the Blues
A4 – It Amazes Me
A5 – To the Wild Country
A6 – Ripplin’ Waters

B1 – Thirsty Boots
B2 – Dearest Esmeralda
B3 – Singing Skies & Dancing Waters
B4 – I Want to Live
B5 – Druthers


Catalog Number:
AFL 1-2521

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
John Denver – Vocals, 6 & 12 string guitars
Hal Blaine – Drums and Percussion
James Burton – Guitar and Dobro
Chuck Domanico – Bass
Michael Lang – Keyboards
Lee Ritenour – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Background Vocals – Renee Armand, Mike Crum & Herb Pederson
Arranged by Lee Holdridge, Hal Blaine, James Burton, Chuck Domanico, Michael Lang, Lee Ritenour & John Denver
Orchestral Arrangements by Lee Holdridge
Illustration by Mark English
Art Direction – Acy Lehman
Photography – Patti Dahlstrom
Album Design – Chris Whorf/Gribbitt
With Gratitude to Barney Wyckoff
Recording Engineer – Mickey Crofford
A & R Coordination – Lynne Morse

Produced by Milton Okun
Assistant Producer – Kris O’Connor

(*The above album credits, with the exception of the producer credits come from the inner sleeve.)

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