Julian Lennon – “Valotte”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon, and no relation to Yoko. Anyways, I know like one song on this album and decided, hey, let’s review this!

 The album opens with the title track “Valotte” and well, Julian CLEARLY has the same thing his father had, and that is talent, despite the fact I really, really, really do not like John Lennon, Julian does that Beatles vibe to him, and his music isn’t so bad, yet. Yea, it’s definitely not a bad song. “O.K. for You” comes next, and hey, another not so bad song, it’s pretty decent. I like it, he does have that John vibe to him, which is only a little disappointing, because being a major rock singers son, must have been hard for Julian to live up to that legacy. “On the Phone” follows next, and it’s a slower song, it’s nothing overly special, but it’s decent. Julian really needs to pick this up a bit. It was alright. Next comes the song “Space” and I’m really having a hard time staying interested in this album. It started off on a good note, but Julian just got really blah, really fast. The A-Side closes with the song “Well I Don’t Know” and well, nor do I. This song is good, but everything between the first and this track have been so dull, I’m at a loss of words.

 Too Late for Goodbyes” opens the B-Side, and finally a song I like, know and that is relatively faster paced! The musicianship is good, his vocals are the same as they have been throughout this whole album. So, this is an upgrade for sure, but still nothing too special. After that we go onto the track “Lonely” and hey, it’s not a bad track, the vocals are good, the lyrics are good, and well, the musicianship is good… until the sax solo. “Say You’re Wrong” comes next, and hey, it’s fast paced, the vocals are good and you know, I recognize this song too! It must’ve been in a movie or something, so hey! It’s all cool right now! “Jesse” comes next, and well, it’s another good track, I’m slowly getting a little bit more impressed with these tracks, but it’s still been a pretty dull album. Okay, but this song was good. The album ends with the track “Let Me Be” and is this Julian’s reference to his fathers “Let It Be”? (even though that was a Paul McCartney song.) let’s hope not, anyways, it’s dull.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Valotte
A2 – O.K. for You
A3 – On the Phone
A4 – Space
A5 – Well I Don’t Know

B1 – Too Late for Goodbyes
B2 – Lonely
B3 – Say You’re Wrong
B4 – Jesse
B5 – Let Me Be


Catalog Number:
78 01841

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Simmons Drums – Julian Lennon
Guitars – Martin Briley, Dennis Herring, Justin Clayton & Carlton Morales
Keyboards – Barry Beckett, David Lebolt & Peter Wood
Drums – Roger Hawkins & Steve Holley
Bass Guitar – David Hood, Marcus Miller & Carmine Rojas
Percussion – Ralph MacDonald & Steve Holley
Background Vocals – Rory Dodd, Eric Taylor & Julian Lennon
Trumpets – Jon Faddis & Joe Shepley
Harmonica – Jean “Toots” Thielemans
Saxophones – Michael Brecker, George Young, Lawrence Feldman & Ron Cuber
Arrangement – Barry Beckett and the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section
Horn Arrangement – David Matthews
Recording Coordinator – Joseph D’Ambrosio
Engineers – Bradshaw Leigh & Pete Greene
Assistant Engineers – Michael Alliare, Michael Barry, Bobby Cohen, Lee Daley, John Davenport, Scott James, Peter Millus, John Penzotti, Michael Somers Abbott & Bill Straus
Mixing – Bradshaw Leigh
Mastering – Ted Jensen
Sleeve Design – Bob Defrin & Julian Lennon
Cover Photo – David Michael Kennedy

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