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The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 This is the second album featuring Dr. Jeanne Mosier and THE LAMPLIGHTERS of Helena, Ohio. The Lamplighters, an evangelical team, are well known throughout the Midwest, where they minister to many denominations in music, magic and the sacred word.
 The duo consists of Rev. Jeanne Mosier, Th B., D.D, who has been in the ministry for 25 years, and Rev. Beverly J. Hall, pianist in the team. 
 The cover picture is the actual old country church in which Dr. Mosier grew up, and where her mother still teaches Sunday School and is on the Church Board. People, wherever The Lamplighters have ministered, have often heard about that particular country church where she met the Lord; thus, we feature it on this, our second album.
 The three choruses were composed by Dr. Jeanne Mosier through the years. “I Only Need Jesus” was composed in the spring of 1969 while in revival in Springfield, Illinois.
 Both of The Lamplighters are featured in their testimony song, Dr. Jeanne Mosier singing, “It’s My Desire” and the Rev. Hall at the console of the organ playing, “There Is A Fountain.”
 A special heartfelt thnaks goes to the following who is so ably assisted in the production of the album: LARRY LEE NEWMAN is an extrordinary 17 year old pianist/organist. Larry is a recent high school graduate and a member of MAGNA CUM LAUDE. He took lessons from Rev. Beverly Hall for 9 years and then furthered his musical education at Heidelberg University and Findlay College. MAJOR WILLIAM LARNED, who has spent 29 years in service as a Salvation Army Officer, plays the bass viol. CAPTAIN Norma DeGraff, Salvation Army Officer and long-time friend of Rev. Mosier, assisted in direction. CAPTAIN and MRS. WILLIAM KROPP and the YOUTH CHOIR from Springfield, Illinois, provided background music, LARRY NEWMAN collaborated on the arrangements.

Personal Review:
 Let’s just jump right into this one.

 It opens with “I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today” and it’s not a bad song, really, really 50’s sounding though. It’s decent. Then after that comes the song “Come and Go With Me” which is a solo by Jeanne, and it’s a pretty good, I definitely like the piano playing, and the children’s choir makes it pretty interesting. Then comes the track “Unworthy” which is a duet by both Jeanne and Beverly. It’s pretty good, both women have pretty nice voices, and deliver pretty great vocals. After that comes the song “It’s My Desire” sung by Jeanne this time, and you know, this woman has a pretty great voice. Though this song is rather slow, and a bit dull, I still love her singing voice. The organ playing is fantastic also. “Because of Him” comes next, and it’s another duet between these two ladies, and though the song really isn’t in my usual type of music, it’s pretty decent, I like it. The A-Side ends with the title track, “The Old Country Church” and it’s done very well, the vocals are superb and the choir is great. I love the piano and organ too.

 The B-Side opens with the song “I’ve Been Changed” and one of these women has a voice that truly stands out. Then we go into a spoken word part, I’m thinking it’s most likely Jeanne, maybe Beverly. Whoever it is, it’s the one with the super tremendous voice. We go onto the song “If I Could Sing a Thousand Melodies” and it’s not really a song I like, but it’s decent. We continue on with the track “Jesus Loves Even Me” and these ladies continue to sing their great songs, and it’s pretty fantastic, the songs a little bit slow for my liking, but hey, at least it’s done well. “Medley” comes next, it has some singing and then some more spoken word parts, and then more singing. Then comes the song “Love is Why” and it’s alright, a bit slow, the ladies still deliver beautiful songs, but just slow ones. The album closes with the song “There is a Fountain” which is a piano and organ duet, and it makes for an excellent closing track on this album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP S 222-01

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals – Jeanne Mosier
Organ – Rev. Beverly Hall
Organ & Piano – Larry Lee Newman
Bass Viol – William Larned
Director – Norma DeGraff
Backing Musicians – Captain William Kropp, Mrs. William Kropp & Springfield Youth Choir

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  • Robert Meyer says:

    I have their other two albums “All About Heaven” (2nd one?) and their original, “Walk Up Calvary Road”, and the latter one is still sealed (I have two copies). I sure wish the manufacturers would have put at least the YEAR of production on either the LP label or the sleeve somewhere. The code numbers near the center of the LP do not seem to reveal anything. Are you familiar with the ministry of Dr. Mosier and Rev. Hall? We had them do a number of campaigns for us in southewest Missouri back in the early 1970s. Does either still survive?

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