Lil’ Markie – “Volume 1”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:  
Lil’ Markie… this has to be the most bizarre LP ever! Mark Fox is (or was – not sure where he is.) a rather large man, who coincidentally sings in the utmost high pitched voice. Anyways, the A-Side opens with the track “Jesus Put the Stars in the Sky” and well, if he didn’t sing in that high pitched voice the LP probably would be more listenable. Strangely enough, the song that is listed as A1, so “Jesus Put the Stars in the Sky” is actually “Serving the Lord” (I’m almost 100% positive.) – Yup. The songs are screwy. A2 which is supposed to be “Serving the Lord” is actually “I Will Obey the Lord” – so uh, what is going on here? I am so confused. This is trippy. Apparently, Lil’ Markie is in the Lord’s army… yessir! I swear I am listening to the chipmunks singing… So, A3 is actually “Jesus Put the Stars in the Sky” (I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS! You lied Lil’ Markie.) So, Lil’ Markie thinks that I should be told what Jesus made. (I think I know child.) These quiet breaks between the songs scare me. Anyways, A4 is indeed “I Have Jesus in My Heart Today” (YAY! FINALLY A SONG THAT MATCHES UP WITH THE TRACK LISTING!) Seriously though, if Mark Fox woulda just done this as a Southern Gospel album things would’ve been better. Anyways, the A-Side closes with the song “Jesus Wants to Live in You” and well, um… Gah, JUST DO THE ALBUM AS A SOUTHERN GOSPEL ALBUM!

Anywho… the B-Side. (Which happens to feature the famous “Diary of an Unborn Child” – which I happen to have on my iPod…)

And yea, the tracks don’t match up. We start with “Diary of an Unborn Child” and well, uh… here. It’s basically a story of a baby, slowly growing inside his mothers stomach. Sounds great, right? Wrong. He gets aborted. By the way, his parents call him Barbara, he wants to be called Andy… but once again, aborted. How was this made? This is a children’s record? Oh, December 28th… aborted. THEN COMES THE SINGING! “Why did you kill me mommy? When God made me special for yoooou?” aah, yea. This usually is something I show my friends to scare them. Like, I’m sure Mark Fox is a great guy, and very talented. Well, yes, he is talented. LISTEN TO THE LIL’ MARKIE VOICE! But, this is odd. Track two, pleaaaase!
Whoa, wait what is this? Mark Fox delivering a sermon? YES! He recites psalms. Love this. Mark, you were losing me here, but you bring in the sermons and BOOM! I’m back.
Next comes, “Little Markie Goes to Calvary” – and well, it starts with fat jokes. “HEY FAT MARKIE!” (lol!) So, Lil’ Markie will do anything for friends. So, his friends convince him to become a shoplifter… ’cause he’s fat. Oh, and five years old… he was doing drugs, not just “marijuana, hashish…” blah blah blah “P.C.P.” and now he “WANTS SOMETHING IN HIS TUMMY, AND HE WANTS IT RIGHT NOW!“… Seriously, I’m lost. Someone help me? I’m so gosh darn lost. You seriously have to hear how fast this guy talks. Oh, and Lil’ Markie threatens to sit on people. So, he goes over to Jerusalem after the people he threatened told him about something big happening there. Oh, by the way, he met the guy who turned Jesus over to the soldiers, Judas. Oh, Judas hangs himself too. So, let me get this straight, Lil’ Markie is a fat, drug addict who loves eating and fighting, but yet is concerned about people around him being sad? He meets Peter, and tells him to be the best he can be, and then he goes on to hug more people, as he approaches the cross where Jesus is crucified. By the way, it’s John and Mary. Markie yells at John to get Jesus off the cross. This is just too confusing for me. Oh, when he meets Jesus, Mark uses his real voice to do Jesus.  In the end, Jesus saves Markie from drugs, crime and his undying unhappiness.

Anyways, I wish I could tell everyone where Lil’ Markie is now, but sadly I can’t seem to find anything on him – besides stuff relating to “Diary of an Unborn Child“. If you know, or are Mark Fox, feel free to email me.

Interesting Facts:  
Uh… It’s Lil’ Markie, isn’t the entire thing an interesting fact?

Track Listing:
A1 – Jesus Put the Stars in the Sky
A2 – Serving the Lord
A3 – I Will Obey the Lord
A4 – I Have Jesus in My Heart Today
A5 – Jesus Wants to Live in You

B1 – Little Markie Goes to Calvary
B2 – Diary of an Unborn Child

Mark Fox Family Ministries

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Arrangements – Wayne Campbell
Produced by Berry Jennings & Wayne Campbell
Engineer – Don Jennings
Cover Design – Jim Hayes
Keyboards – Wayne Campbell
Bass & Guitar – Berry Jennings
Drums – Neil Goode
All Songs Written by Rick & Rosemary Wilhelm

Other Albums I Own by Lil’ Markie:
Let the Son Shine In” (As Mark Fox)


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