Love & Kisses – “How Much, How Much I Love You”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Gonna be really honest, I bought this album solely for the cover – not knowing exactly what the music would be like, I just really liked the album cover.
 The A-Side is “How Much, How Much I Love You” – and it’s a 17 minute disco track, and well, the musicianship is great, and the vocals, both female and make vocals are pretty great, though the male vocals stand out more than the female vocals do. I like to imagine this song was probably played in a lot of disco clubs in the 1970’s.

 So, the B-Side opens with “Beauty and the Beast” (Reference to the cover?) which is another long track, coming in at a whopping 14 minutes long, but hey, at least the music is good on this album. The song is a pretty good disco track, definitely one you could probably dance to. Though, now that I’m listening to the track, I don’t think it has anything to do with the cover. So, then after that comes “Maybe” which has the male vocal part singer guy on the lead vocals. It’s not a bad track at all either, it’s pretty good and a rather decent listen.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A – How Much, How Much I Love You

B1 – Beauty and the Beast
B2 – Maybe


Catalog Number:
EDI – 60469

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Composed & Producedd by Alec R. Costandinos
Guitar – Slim Pezin, Rick Hitchcock, Alan Parker & Alec R. Costandinos
Percussion – Frank Ricotti, Ray Cooper, Chris Karan & Alec R. Costandinos
Keyboards – Jean C. Petit, Alan Hawkshaw, Georges Rodi & Alec R. Costandinos
Drums – Peter Van Hooke
Vocals – Sue, Sunny, Stephanie, Joanne, Alec, The Pat Halling String Ensemble & The John Watson Brass Section
Recorded at Trident Studios, London
Recording Engineer – Peter Kelsey
Re-Mixed by Peter Kelsey & Alec R. Costandinos on Desk “A”
Assisted by John Brand on Desk “B”
Art Direction & Design – Henry Vizcarra / Gribbitt!
Photography – Ron Slenzak
Arranged & Conducted by Jean Claude Petit

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