Mark Fox – “Let the Son Shine In”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Mark Fox is personable young man who communicates Christ through his music. His rich golden voice and heart-warming manner has delighted audiences from coast to coast.
 Mark’s musical career, as well as his love for the Lord started early, in a close-knit Christian home, with a pastor father, a praying mother, a sister and three lively boys. The brothers were in great demand for their singing, which was not only melodious, but also carried a message. Mark’s singing ministry continued in college, where he was featured on the nationally televised Old-Time Gospel Hour and appeared in many churches, both as soloist and as a member of the Liberty Four quartet. He and his lovely wife Carol are the parents of a baby daughter.
 There is no question in this young man’s mind that God has called him into music evangelism. He presents the Gospel in his own unique way – with song, Scripture, and dialogue – reaching the hearts of his listeners with his warm love for people. He sings the grand old hymns as well as some of the great contemporary music… accompanying himself at the piano, or using beautifully orchestrated sound tracks.
 Yes, you could say Mark Fox is going places. He’s going wherever the Lord leads him, to communicated Christ in song. And wherever he goes, it is his lifelong purpose to “let the Son shine in” and leave a harvest of uplifted spirits and changed hearts.
 George Spriqgel

Personal Review:
Remember when I said on the review of “Volume 1” that Lil’ Markie would be better as a Southern Gospel singer, not a childrens act? Well. Here it is.
The album opens with the title track, “Let the Son Shine In” and well, Mark has a great voice… but you know what, he can’t let go of his Lil’ Markie voice… yes, Mark does a duet with Lil’ Markie on this album. Literally, at one point he overlaps the two voices and it is the absolute creepiest thing in the world. “Oh, How I Love Jesus” follows next, and it’s not that bad! No creepy little baby voice! Though, it’s kind of repetitive. You know, the title being sung over and over. “He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions” – that is a really big word, why not just use sins? Oh well. Mark definitely is more tolerable on this album as opposed to his Lil’ Markie stuff, I also find Mark looks like John Candy (on the back cover). Then comes “I’m Gonna Keep on Singin‘” – and it’s surprisingly good. I’m definitely a Mark Fox fan when he does his normal voice. Then comes “I Grew Up in a Parsonage” and so far, I have zero complaints about this album. Mark is actually proving himself a rather talented singer!

The B-Side opens with “Statue of Liberty” – which kind of reminds me of this. Though, this song is absolutely stunning, and Mark has a totally amazing voice. Like, I cannot even compare it to anything, I have no idea why this man would ever do the Markie thing, when he has a voice as good as he does! “Good Ole Gospel Singin’” comes next, and it’s not as great as Gary Bradford’s “Good Ole Gospel Music” but hey, it’s still pretty great! I’m more fond of Mark Fox now. “His Hand in Mine” comes next and once again, Mark Fox delivers it amazingly! Like, this guy can sing! The album ends with the track “Learning to Lean” – and well, it makes for an excellent closing track on a great Gospel album.

I leave you with this.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Let the Son Shine In
A2 – Oh, How I Love Jesus
A3 – He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions
A4 – I’m Gonna Keep on Singin’
A5 – I Grew Up in a Parsonage

B1 – Statue of Liberty
B2 – Good Ole Gospel Singin’
B3 – His Hand in Mine
B4 – Learning to Lean

Triad Sound Enterprises

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer – Elizabeth Weatherston
Engineer – Lee Peterzell
Recorded at Pyramid Studio, Chattanooga, Tn.
Mix – Mark V Studios, Greenville, S.C.
Piano / Organ – Jack Clark
Bass – Mike McMahan
Drums – Rick Parker
Guitar – Jim Stabile
Brass / Woodwinds – Lee Bronostic
Strings – Mitch Humphries
Photo – Don Arnold
Cover Design – Triad Sound

Other Albums I Own by Mark Fox:
Volume 1



  • Anonymous says:

    Looking for a gospel album titled ” Let the Son Shine In.”

    Had it originally on Album LP. Want it on a CD.

    Thank you,

  • Dave Fleming says:

    I would like to find out where Mark and Carrol live. I went to college with Mark and drove Mark to many of his concerts. Lost track of him and would sure like to catch up with him.

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