Phil Collins – “Face Value”

The Sleeve:
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The Gatefold:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, this was Phil’s first solo album, with the track that made him super well known as a solo artists, “In the Air Tonight
The album opens with the song “In the Air Tonight” – which is everyones favorite Phil song, and it has been used in so many different things, (GTA: VCS, Miami Vice, Risky Business.) – oh and then that amazing ass drum solo in the middle of the track, yea that makes it the greatest 80’s rock song ever. It’s followed by the track “This Must Be Love” which is a slower soft rock track, it’s an okay pop song. I got to admit, there isn’t much special about the song. Then comes “Behind the Lines” – which kind of scores points for the last track, which wasn’t all that good. This one picks it up, hitting that pop/funk beat and coming out pretty amazingly. “The Roof is Leaking” comes next, it’s a slower song, but still pretty good. So far, only one doozy of a song on this album. Let’s hope no more come! Then comes “Droned” which is an amazing drum and piano instrumental, it’s kind of hypnotizing in a sense when you listen to it, it’s absolutely amazing. It is then followed by “Hand in Hand” which is the closing track for the A-Side. It makes for a pretty nice closing track to the album, mostly an instrumental, well, infact it’s fully an instrumental with just some humming to go with it.

The B-Side opens with “I Missed Again” – and after two full instrumentals, it feels good to hear Phil again, this song isn’t the strongest opening track, but hey, Phil is still good! It’s then followed by “You Know What I Mean” which is a softer piano song, and I feel this album should be classified under piano rock, but no music databases agree with me on that. It’s a good song though, slow, piano-y. “Thunder and Lightning” comes up next, and it’s a good track, I definitely love Phil, but I feel since I only really know one song on this whole album that it’s most likely not the best album to start with! It’s then followed by “I’m Not Moving” – and it’s a good song, but basically, if you zone out for a second, you’ll miss the track complete, so don’t do that. “If Leaving Me is Easy” follows, it’s slow, but still relatively good. Phil does sing rather well. The album ends with “Tomorrow Never Knows” – and it makes for a good ending track on the album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – In the Air Tonight
A2 – This Must Be Love
A3 – Behind the Lines
A4 – The Roof is Leaking
A5 – Droned
A6 – Hand in Hand

B1 – I Missed Again
B2 – You Know What I Mean
B3 – Thunder and Lightning
B4 – I’m Not Moving
B5 – If Leaving Me is Easy
B6 – Tomorrow Never Knows


Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Bass – Alphonso Johnson & John Giblin
Co-producer & Engineer – Hugh Padgham
Guitar – Daryl Stuermer, Joe Partridge & Eric Clapton
Producer & Drums – Phil Collins
Additional Vocals – Stephen Bishop

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