Raymond Cayer – “When Love Is On My Mind”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 From his young age, Raymond Cayer was part of several groups and made known his talents of singer. For several years he sang at the St. Paul Church in Aylmer, his hometown, and subsequently performed alone or with the Renaissance group in almost all the cabarets in the region.
 Today, Raymond opens another door to his career, that is the march of the disc with this song written by his good friend Gerry Joly.
 I wish good luck to an excellent interpreter of the Outaouais and I thank the Disco Monique, Brasserie La Drave, Nashville Bar, Piano Bar, La Hutte, the depanneur Chez Annette, Ly France Coiffure, Garage Leblanc Texaco, J Galarneau and Electrolux Canada for their collaboration, because thanks to them this launch so much desire has become a reality today.

Personal Review:
 So, this one was just a random thrift store find by a local artist, and well, the cover is pretty great.

The A-Side is “When Love is On My Mind” and well, Raymond is actually a really good singer, I was not expecting that, like holy crap, this guy is amazing. The musicianship is alright, but Raymond’s voice is pretty great, like wow, that blew me away. The song is a pop ballad, but pretty decent, this guy sure can sing, and well, it’s fantastic. Bravo Raymond, bravo.

The B-Side is an instrumental, and well, like the A-Side is pretty good.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A – When Love is On My Mind

B – When Love is On My Mind (Instrumental)


Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Written by Gerry Joly

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