Rob Costanza – “Jesus is the Answer”

You know, when I hear the name Costanza I think of Seinfeld. You know, the show about nothing that takes place in NYC. Well, Rev. Rob Costanza is from NYC as well, and he released this album on the Velvet Recordings label, in 1976 – maybe in January?

The album opens with “God Gave The Song” and it’s not a bad song, it kind of reminds me of a Barry Manilow tune, but Rev. Costanza does have a really nice voice. It’s a pretty good song. Next up, we continue on with one of my favorite Gospel tracks, “Through It All” and you know, I’ve heard so many people do this song, and it seems I like almost every version. Rev. Costanza delivers a more slower version of it, but he still does a nice version. But wait, he picks up the pace! Phenomenal, Rev. Costanza of NYC delivers this song great! We continue on with the medley “Jesus is the Way / I Need You” and once more, Rev. Costanza goes on to sing another great song. We continue on with a cover of Neil Enloe’s “There Go I” which is really nice song, but not one of my favorites, it is a nice relaxing song but a bit too slow for my liking. I definitely am picking up the sound of a backing female vocalist, which according to the liner notes is his wife, Theresa, and we end with the Andrae Crouch song, “My Tribute” and this one is usually a good one to hear, and we’ll see how Rev. Costanza delivers, and he does deliver it, have I heard other versions I’ve preferred more? Yes. Have I heard other versions I didn’t like? Yes. But here it is, and Rev. Costanza gives it to us! Good ending to the A-Side of this album.

Say I Do” is a decent song, and Rev. Costanza opens the B-Side with a wonderful version of it, that lacks the backing vocalists. He does do a nice version, and the studio backing is great. Next up is “Love Theme (from “Spirit of ’76”)” and it’s an alright track, not the most exciting or anything and this song doesn’t feel too Gospel-y. But it does improve! It does get better! Rev. Costanza has this beautiful way with how he sings, and I dig it. “God’s Wonderful People” comes up next, and hey, it’s not bad. Good track. “Heartaches” come next, and the opening piano and slow vocals tell me that this might be a slow song, but I feel like Rob Costanza might bring this one around, fingers crossed. The music does pick up a bit, and he does give out some great vocals, but the song still remains a bit too slow for me. The album closes with another Bill Gaither song, “Because He Lives” and it’s not bad, still a bit too slow, but all in all not a bad album from Rev. Costanza (no relation to George.)

Catalog Number:
VR 125

Piano & Arrangement – Chris Lee
Bass – Tom Baker
Mixing Engineer, Rhythm & Lead – Vic Clay
Steel – Chuck Rich
Drums – Tim Short
Engineer – Jr. Bennett
Vocal Overdubs – Rob Costanza
Photos – John Waldvogel


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