Roger Daltrey – “Ride a Rock Horse”

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, Roger Daltrey is the lead singer of the Who. He also did this wonderful album. Which has the weirdest cover art. He was also kind of beautiful when he was young.
The album opens with the track “Come and Get Your Love” – and it kind of has that 70’s rock/funk beat to it, and of course, Roger’s classic vocals. Like, believe me when I say this, I could listen to Roger sing for hours. Then comes “Hearts Right” – I don’t know, but it kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Barraclough. Once more, Roger delivers the song pretty well, I do prefer his stuff with the Who over his solo stuff, then again, this is the only solo album I got by him. It is a good song though. Then comes the song “Oceans Away” – which is a slower piano song, and well, it’s kind of just plain amazing, as Roger truly can make the song. Then comes the song “Proud“, which goes back to that rock/funk beat – it’s not so bad, but I do feel Roger should stick strictly to rock, but hey, it does pick up and comes out as an alright track! Especially when Roger begins to shout “Looooove!” – the A-Side closes with the track “World Over” and it goes back to Roger’s classic rock roots, and hey, it makes for a pretty fair ending track!

The B-Side opens with “Near to Surrender” which is a slower rock song, but makes for a pretty decent opening track on the B-Side. Roger delivers it beautifully, I still do wish I had more Who/Roger solo albums. It is then followed by the track “Feeling” which is a pretty amazing track all on it’s own, and then it’s followed by another funk/rock song, titled “Walking the Dog” – and I’m totally not digging this funk stuff on this album. It feels so out of place.Then comes “Milk Train” – which is another amazing classic rock roots style song, delivered amazingly by Roger. This boy can sing! I absolutely adore Roger’s vocals. The album ends with “I Was Born to Sing Your Song” – which is a slower, classic rock song that makes for an amazing ending track on the album, of course, the album isn’t near as great as a Who album, but Roger still is an amazing singer.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Come and Get Your Love
A2 – Hearts Right
A3 – Oceans Way
A4 – Proud
A5 – World Over

B1 – Near to Surrender
B2 – Feeling
B3 – Walking the Dog
B4 – Milk Train
B5 – I Was Born to Sing Your Song

MCA Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Russ Ballard
Engineered by John Jansen
2nd Engineers – Mark Dodson, Pete Shearing & Wil Reid-Dick
Recorded at Ramport Studios, except for vocal overdubs.
‘Born to Sing Your Song’, ‘Proud’ & ‘Milk Train’ Recored at CBS London
Engineer – Dick Damien
Mastering by Sterling Sound, New York
Cover Concept, Art Direction & Photography by Graham Hughes
Dye Transfer – Langham-Wind
Retouching – Mike Mann Assoc.

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