Rusty Goffe – “Rusty Goffe Sings and Plays for Your Entertainment”

The Sleeve:

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

 At last, after many thousands of requests, comes an album featuring the many musical talents of Rusty Goffe. With his music Rusty tours the world to show the range of his talent, taking in such a diversity of numbers as Manhattan Spiritual, Spanish Eyes, Casatschok – a Russian folk song, the haunting theme of Amazing Grace, Cavatina from the film “The Deerhunter”. Then right back to the British Isles, concluding with the triumphant, Land of Hope and Glory.

 Not merely does Rusty show of his artistry on guitar, organ, tubular bells, timpani, bagpipes and post horn, but he also sings three songs full of meaning: Walk Tall, Happiness, and his own composition Ten Feet Tall, which was featured on the Lord Snowdon/Derek Hart television documentary “Born to be Small”.

 Somebody, speaking of Rusty Goffe, once declared: “Never before in the field of human entertainement has so much been given to so many by so little.”
 This truly must be the album for YOUR entertainment.

Personal Review:
 Firstly, those who don’t know who Rusty Goffe is need to check out his credits… (He played an Oompa Loompa in the original Willy Wonka, he played droids in Star Wars, and plays various Goblin’s in the Harry Potter series).

 Anyways, the first track, “Walk Tall“, is one of the three vocal tracks on the LP. It’s one of those peppy, upbeat songs that you try to keep up with but it just goes way too fast, then it’s onto “Catatschok” – which is another peppy, upbeat song that’s impossible to keep up with, then onto “Spanish Eyes“… which is blah. Thank Goodness for the tracks that follow! “Manhattan Special” and “Ten Feet Tall” pull it out of the slump that is “Spanish Eyes“… Then comes “The Bells of St. Mary’s” and well, it starts off and you begin to think it’s one of those terrible songs you’ll want to flip the record to the B-Side… then comes… THE ORGAN! And I’m a man of my organ. So, A+ on that.

 To the B-Side, starting with “Scotch on the Rocks” which makes me think of Irish drinking songs, I’m sure it could be one, but I’m doubtful of this – there is also an amazing drum solo in that song. It is then followed by “Amazing Grace“… ON BAGPIPES! Which is one of the only ways that song should ever be played. (Childhood memory, “Tommy Boy” movie… yea…) Anyways, so that track is amazing… then he goes onto “Cavatina” from “Deer Hunter“!!… The BOOM! “Happiness“! It’s a… uh, charming and fun song?
 I think the British Medley deserves it’s own paragraph, because I want it to. I’m kind of confused as I only know “Rule Britannia” from the Medley – I’m not sure if “John Peel” is the same one that did all that work with Joy Division? …working with Rusty Goffe? Probably not.

Interesting Facts:

“Best Wishes” (?)


Track Listing:
A1 – Walk Tall
A2 – Casatschok
A3 – Spanish Eyes
A4 – Manhattan Special
A5 – Ten Feet Tall
A6 – The Bells of St. Mary’s

B1 – Scotch on the Rocks
B2 – Amazing Grace
B3 – Cavatina
B4 – Happiness
B5 – British Medley
– Rule Britannia
– John Peel
– Post Horn Galop
– On Ilkley Moor
– Blaydon Races
– Land of Hope and Glory

Le Marc Records

Catalog Number:
LM 117

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Leslie Collins
Engineer – Eric Tomlinson
Executive Producer – Mark Primhak
Recorded at Anvil Film Studios, Denham, England
Orchestra conducted by Eric Rogers

Other Albums I Own by Rusty Goffe:
Cabaret Time with Rusty Goffe


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