The Kaye Family – “The Kaye Family Album”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
In the grooves of the record contained within this sleeve is a wealth of talented performed by one family of four people – mother, father, daughter and son.
 Don’t run away with the idea that this highly popular family foursome became a versatile show overnight. What they are today is the product of many years experience in the world of entertainment. The mother and father, Ellen and Eddy, were both playing individually in concert parties when they met and married in their early 20’s. Ellen is an organist and vocalist and Eddy is an organist, accordionist and pianist.
 The musical twosome continued for a number of years but it was a forgone conclusion that their two children, Sharron and Adrian, would follow in their parents’ footsteps.
 Sharron had just reached the age of 10 when she was considered proficient as an alto saxophonist and was introduced into her parents’ well-presented show. As years went by, she added clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones, bass guitar, vibraphone and her contralto voice and is now a very accomplished young lady – a versatile musician with a charming personality.
 Adrian was introduced to the show two years later at the age of eight and his terrific personality showed through in his ability as a percussionist and guitarist. Now he is a young man with a wealth of experience behind him and is a very polished performer.
 It was at this point that “The Kaye Family” was born and Sharron and Adrian soon proved their worth by helping obtain rave notices in “The Stage” and other newspaper media.
 The family went on to appear at many top venues throughout the country in every field of the variety entertainment industry – theatres, halls, commercial studios, clubs, cabaret, restaurants and the like.
 Success followed success and now HIRA RECORDS places The Kaye Family before you to perform at your command in your own home. This high quality long-playing record shows clearly some of the many facets of this fascinating family.
 Sit back and relax and dwell in the wonderland of sound that The Kaye Family presents to you – and you alone!
 Drift along on clouds of romance, feel philosophical, hear the swirling colours of sun-drenched Spain, linger upon lonely seashores, fly amongst stellar constellations, go for a trolley ride, swing with the up-tempo big band style beat.
 Yes, all this comes to you everytime you fall under the magical spell of the sound of The Kaye Family.

 Happy listening!

 Martin Philips

Personal Review:
 So, once upon a time, I had reviewed the Kaye Family’s live album, and now I’m doing their studio album. It was a review of this exact album on another website that made me want to start doing my own personal reviews of albums. So, this album is kind of crucial in the making of my website.

 So, the album opens with a cover version of the song “The Wonder of You” – and most of the vocals are female vocals, and there is some pretty nice backing organ playing, and it’s pretty great. Oh, then they go on to cover “Blowin’ in the Wind” which is pretty impressive, it’s one of those few rare tracks that should not be covered, but The Kaye’s do it so well. Then comes “Stranger on the Shore” which is most likely a song I’ve heard before, but can’t remember it due to the fact it’s an instrumental – but hey it has the organ in it! Then comes “You’re Just in Love” which done by mother Ellen, and daughter Sharron – it’s kind of cute and funny hearing them bounce lyrics off each other. The A-Side ends with “Telstar” which starts off with some really loud off key instrument that basically just sounds like a loud screech, and of course the song ends with the same screech.

 Then comes the “Trolley Song” opening the B-Side, once more both females provide the lyrics while the men provide the instruments. It’s really an interesting listen. Then comes the song “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” and this song, this song right here is one of the best songs on this album, I really wish they Kaye Family had done one of the James Bond themes. They totally could’ve done it. To be honest, this song could be the Bond theme. “Espana” follows up, and is this an accordion I am hearing? I certainly hope it is. ‘Cause this song is quite loud and obnoxious, but not in a bad way, the musicianship is perfect, just accordions aren’t. Then comes “The Wedding” and it makes me wonder how come the guys never sing any of the songs, it seems to just be the girls, I wish they would. This album isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. The album ends with a Medley of songs about trains… The first one is “Ticket to Ride” then comes “‘A’ Train” and it ends with “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” the whole medley is wonderfully crafted and so amazing. I don’t get why people judge albums by their covers? This one is wonderful.

Interesting Facts:
With best wishes from the Kaye Family

Track Listing:
A1 – The Wonder of You
A2 – Blowin’ in the Wind
A3 – Stranger on the Shore
A4 – You’re Just in Love
A5 – Telstar

B1 – Trolley Song
B2 – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
B3 – Espana
B4 – The Wedding
B5 – Medley
 i – Ticket to Ride
 ii – ‘A’ Train
 iii – Chattanooga Choo-Choo

Hira Records

Catalog Number:
HL 8536

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Carl Hill

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