The Laughlin Family – “Here’s a Song for the Man”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Because of the end-time turmoil, the Dave E. Laughlin Family have chosen as their title song, “HERE’S A SONG FOR THE MAN WHO WALKED THE WATERS AND CALMED THE SEA.” Matthew 8:26 says, “… THEN HE AROSE, AND REBUKED THE WINDS AND THE SEA; AND THERE WAS A GREAT CALM.” Jesus the prince of peace is the only real peace known to man.
 We dedicated this album to our Christian parents, who taught us the teachings of the Prince of Peace. We thank God for the assistance our children have added to our ministry. Or daughter, Twila, and her husband, Dowen Johnson, are in the ministry, and Rock and Tamra are a great blessing each night in our revival services.
 We pray that these songs will bless and give you peace every day.
 In His service,
 Dave E. Laughlin

Personal Review:
 So, once more here we go with some Gospel music!

 This album opens with the song “Here’s A Song for the Man” and it starts off with some piano playing and then vocals by the whole family before being lead in songs by the mom of the family, and it’s a pretty decent track, I’m definitely loving the family dynamic vocals. Up next comes the song “Because He Lives” and it starts off a bit slowly, and then begins to have those group vocals again, and they’re actually pretty good. Even the daughter, whom I can only guess her name is Tamra, sings her own little part, and it’s pretty good. “The Dawning of That Day” comes next, and once again we go onto group vocals and the father, Dave, seems to be leading the song, and it’s another pretty good track. “He Did It All For Me” comes next, and it’s a bit of a slower song, but the piano playing and vocals are really good, so it makes up for it nicely. The A-Side closes with Tamra singing the song “When I Lift Up My Head” or well, leading the family in song with this one, It’s a good way to close the A-Side.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Through It All” and it’s good, it’s one of my favorite gospel songs, and Dave does it some justice. “New Jerusalem” comes next and it’s sung by Dave and Tamra, and both of them perform the song nicely, and it’s a pretty good track. I really like this group. “Help Me” comes next, and it’s sung nicely by Dave, and the backing musicianship is pretty great, the backing vocals flow nicely as the group sings this track perfectly. “In A Moment of Time” comes next, and it’s a bit more fast paced, Dave has a really deep baritone voice, and I like it. The song is pretty good. The album closes with the song “The Next Step” and it’s a good track, a bit slow, but the vocals are good. The guitar playing in this track is done very well.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Here’s A Song For the Man
A2 – Because He Lives
A3 – The Dawning of That Day
A4 – He Did It All For Me
A5 – When I Lift Up My Head

B1 – Through It All
B2 – New Jerusalem
B3 – Help Me
B4 – In A Moment of Time
B5 – The Next Step

Gospel Tone Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Piano – Glenn Adams
Bass Guitar – Rocky Laughlin
Lead Guitar – Ernie Maxwell
Drums – Richard Statum
Photography – Ralph Wilerson
Engineers – Charles Ludwig & Ellis Manley

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