The Lyttletones – “Sincerely Yours”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Gospel song is a unique in the world of music, because of its success is not guaranteed by musical ability or accomplishment. A distinctively supernatural dimension evidences itself as the Holy Spirit is permitted to anoint singer and song. Herein lies the ministry of Gospel Music. The Apostle Paul expressed it in I Corinthians 14:15 when said, “I will sing with my spirit… by the Holy Spirit that is within me”.
 For three years it has been my priviledge to pastor the Lyttletones. Yet our relationship has been more than that because we have ministered together; their songs have on so many occasions beautifully complimented the preaching of the Cross.
 In this album we commend to you songs anointed by the Holy Spirit and sung by wonderful young people who love Jesus Christ.
 Pastor Bruce Fisher

Personal Review:
 Well, here we go again with another Gospel album. Pretty sure this group comes from New Brunswick, as that’s where the label they recorded on is from.

 The album opens with “Ten Thousand Years” and well, the opening piano playing is good, eventually the vocals come in, and well, they’re good. I can hear a hint of male baritone vocals in the background, but the songs seem to be predominantly sung by a female, though there is three female vocalist, and I’ve never heard this part of the song, but I’m definitely liking this quite a lot. Next up comes the track “We’re Not Home Yet Children” and the vocals are good, I’m so far liking this album, everything flows perfectly. We continue on with the slower “I Love Him More” , it’s alright, the vocals are a bit slow for me, but the vocalist is pretty good. So, it’s good. “Greater is He That is in Me” follows next, and it’s upbeat, and peppy I guess that’s the word for it, the vocals are nice though! The A-Side closes with the slower “Come to the Waters” and it’s a decent track, a little slow for my liking, but once again, the vocals are good, so it works out perfectly. It makes for a good ending track.

 The B-Side opens with the track “The Day is Almost Here” and it seems to be a group effort with the vocals this time, and I’m liking it. The song is definitely a good one, and a good way to open the B-Side. “Touring the City” comes next, and this one has some group vocals and some solos by the different female vocalists, and this one just seems to be a fantastic track, I’m actually quite enjoying this album. “A Wonderful Feeling” comes next, and I’m not sure which one of the females is singing this one, but I definitely am enjoying her vocals. The piano playing is also quite great. “Gone” continues the album, and it’s a decent track I’m really enjoying this albums musical backing, as I think it’s fantastic. The album closes with the slower “Jesus Will Be What Makes Heaven to Me” and it’s okay, a bit too slow for me.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Ten Thousand Years
A2 – We’re Not Home Yet Children
A3 – I Love Him More
A4 – Greater Is He That Is In Me
A5 – Come To The Waters

B1 – That Day is Almost Here
B2 – Touring That City
B3 – A Wonderful Feeling
B4 – Gone
B5 – Jesus Will Be What Makes Heaven To Me

Standout Track:
“Ten Thousand Years”

Tempo Sound

Catalog Number:
HRS 1044

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer – Bob White
Soprano – Betty Rae Mullin
Alto – Cora Sutherland & Alaudia Tozer
Lead & Piano – Vaden Sutherland
Tenor & Rhythm Guitar – Vaughn Mutch
Lead Guitar – Dale Hamilton
Bass Guitar – Dammy Dunnett
Drums – Peter Somers
Cover Photo – Ferris Photography, Newcastle, N.B.

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