Wraith: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Anyways, so me and some friends do random movie nights, this was one of the movies we watched – and I really dug the soundtrack, plus Griffin O’Neal is on the cover.

 The album opens with Tim Feehan singing “Where’s the Fire” which is actually a pretty good opening track, it’s one of those tracks that just makes you wanna dance. The musicianship is pretty great too. Up next is Honeymoon Suite with “Those Were the Days” – and you know, the only song I can actively place in the movie is the Ozzy song, every other song is a straight up blank to me. Hey though, the songs aren’t bad at all. After that comes “Hearts Vs. Heads” by Stan Bush – it’s like the sappy romance theme of the movie, (kinda like that one song from Bill & Teds) – it’s a pretty solid track though, and it’s good. So far every song has been good, and we’re only three tracks in. LaMarca follows next with there track “Hold On Blue Eyes” – and you know what this song definitely gives off the vibe of a good driving track, like the type of song that should be in one of the GTA games – the title of the song throws me off a bit, I feel there should be a comma in that title somewhere… Anyways, the A-Side ends with Jill Michaels singing “Young Love, Hot Love” – anyone else notice a lot of the songs have to do with love? Wasn’t the movie a sci-fi horror? Oh, I remember this song in the movie!

 The B-Side opens with Ozzy Osbourne singing “Secret Loser” – and you know what, now that I think of it, I don’t remember if this is from the first race in the movie, or the Griffin O’Neal race… nonetheless, it’s definitely a pretty great song, and an Ozzy song that isn’t completely awful (I’ll say this before I get a lot of hate – most of Ozzy’s stuff in 70’s/80’s was good, and his Sabbath stuff was great – but his current albums all suck.) Anyways, I definitely dig this song. After that comes Lion performing their track “Never Surrender” – it was one of those like cheesy 80’s rock vibes to it, it’s actually kind of hilarious. Then comes the song “Bad Mistake” by James House – and it’s a good track, a lot of the songs on this album have that cheesy 80’s vibe, but are still pretty decent and listenable tracks. Then comes Ian Hunter with “Wake Up Call” – and hey! It’s a pretty solid track, and I am definitely loving the synthesizer playing in this song, it’s a pretty great track. The album ends with Bonnie Tyler singing “Master of the Heart” – and well, Bonnie Tyler is amazing. That’s that. The song is a pretty great way to end the album, definitely worth the listen – and watch, watch the Wraith – like seriously, look at the cast. Watch it.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Tim Feehan – Where’s the Fire
A2 – Honeymoon Suite – Those Were the Days
A3 – Stan Bush – Hearts Vs. Heads
A4 – LaMarca – Hold On Blue Eyes
A5 – Jill Michaels – Young Love, Hot Love

B1 – Ozzy Osbourne – Secret Loser
B2 – Lion – Never Surrender
B3 – James House – Bad Mistake
B4 – Ian Hunter – Wake Up Call
B5 – Bonnie Tyler – Matter of the Heart

Scotti Bros. Records

Catalog Number:
SZ 40429

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:


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