Billy Blackwood – “One Way”

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Personal Review:
Billy Blackwood, Gospel drummer. This is his second solo album, the first being “Billy” – anyways. Here is the review!
So, the album opens with the track “He’ll Show You Love” and let me start by saying, Billy could’ve made a pretty successful career as a rock musician, the musicianship and vocals on the first track prove that. Next up is “The Beautiful People / Jesus’ Band” – and well Billy has like this folk rock sound him, and definitely could’ve been a successful rock musician. (Yea, twice I’ve said that.) the song is amazing though, too! – next up is the absolutely beautiful “Come Back Home” which still sounds more folk as opposed to Gospel, but the lyrics are most definitely that of a Gospel song. Then comes “Reflections (The Ballad of Billy Blackwood)” – and well, it starts off very slow and blah, but soon as the chorus hits, the song picks up and all is good in the realm of these four walls and this record player. So, the A-Side ends with “With a Little Help from My Friend” (I think Billy, unlike me, is a Beatles fan.) anyways, he delivers the song pretty well, (some may even say, better than McCartney – no? Just me?) anyways. Onwards to the B-Side!

The B-Side is predominantly just the “One Way Theme” – which showcases Billy’s drum skills as well as his amazing vocal talents. It’s 17 minutes long too. Billy does sing most of the way through, with like a 3 second break from everything and just dead air. Still going. Billy’s good. The final song on this album is “The Lord’s Prayer / Amen Chorus” – which starts off slow, but still good, but slow. It’s starting to pick up in speed, not by much, only a little.

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So, the previous owner decided to write his own review of the record on the sleeve:


Purchased april 19th 1975 played it the same day: not my type of music #2 side two last ones not too bad The Lord’s Prayer and amen: Purchased at Good Will Store Lansdale

Track Listing:
A1 – He’ll Show You Love
A2 – The Beautiful People / Jesus’ Band
A3 – Come Back Home
A4 – Reflections (The Ballad of Billy Blackwood)
A5 – With a Little Help from My Friend

B1 – One Way Theme
B2 – The Lord’s Prayer / Amen Chorus

Billy Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Lead Vocal, Piano, Drums and Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Classical Guitar, Backing Vocals & Producer – Billy Blackwood
Piano – Tony Brown
Lead Guitar – Art Beard & John Rich
Rhythm & Bass Guitars – Marc Speer
Classical & Steel Guitar Guitars – John Rich
On “Come Back Home” Peter Kaups plays Piano and Larry Davis is on Bass
Choir – Charity’s Children: (Reba Rambo, Judy Sproles & Tony Brown), Steve Sanders, Susan Speer & Curt Lyles
Choir Arranged and Led by Peter Kaups
Recorded from July – September 1971 at Blackwood Studios, Memphis, Tenn.
Engineers – Jimmy Blackwood & Mark Goodman
Mix-Down Engineer – Mark Goodman
Layout Covers by Max Harrison

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