Dave Pike – “Straight From The Heart”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 A young country balladier who’s songs and music capture all the genuine emotion and sincerity of Country Music.
Dave Pike is an experience, totally captivating the hearts of Country Audiences with every appearance. Yes, Dave Pike is geuine – Straight From the Heart, JLW
This gifted gentleman, Dave Pike, is destined for greatness in our music instrutry. God Bless you in your Travels David.
Rick Curless
You’re wonderful David! And I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. Over the last few years, I’ve seen so many people stop in the middle of conversation and watch you – then ask, ‘Who is that guy? He’s great!” And they’re right. In my opinion, you’re better than many of the people already at the top. There’s a place for you there too, ’cause you’re a natural.
And I love you like crazy.
Trina Welch
Dave Pike is an exceptional talent. He sings from the heart with lots of soul. It’s a pleasure to work with him.
John Penny

Personal Review:
 Let me start this by saying Dave does not sound how you think he would. He kinda sounds like Randy Travis.

 The album opens with the song “Georgia Sun” – and it has that great country sound to it, and Dave’s vocals are perfect, this guy is a terrific singer. I’m loving the musicianship on this one too, it’s great too. “I Don’t Need No One (To Tell Me That You’re Gone)” comes next, and well, it definitely becomes one of those stereotypical country songs about a guy losing his girl, and hey, it’s good. I like this slow sound it has. After that we go onto the song “Carrie” and boy, oh boy that steel guitar in this song, it’s good. It’s another decent slow song. The album continues on with the song “The World I Built Around You” – which also features a steel guitar opening the song, which is really great because I think steel guitars are definitely top favorite instruments. The lyrics and vocals are also pretty great. The A-Side closes with the song “Lonely Guitar” – and it is a more upbeat sounding track, even though the lyrics aren’t the happiest of subjects.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Tish” – and it’s a bit slower, but still it’s decent. I like Dave’s voice, it’s very relaxing to listen to, and he just has a really nice sound. I’m also noticing a trend with songs about girls. “Alone Without Sue Again” comes next, and Dave hits some terrific high notes on this track, so it’s a really great song. It does have a really sad sound to it though.”Please Help Me I’m Fallin” comes next, and once more it’s a song about heart break, sung by a man with an amazing voice, and it is really heart felt, and Dave gives the utmost amount of emotion on this track. “Someday I’ll Be Gone” continues the album, and it’s another emotional ballad by a talented young man. Dave is just a fantastic singer, and this whole album has been great. This is a great song. I’m really digging it. The album closes with the song “Singin the Blues” which features Dave yodelling some parts, and it’s actually a really great way to end the album, no complaints on this one, fantastic country album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Georgia Sun
A2 – I Don’t Need No One (To Tell Me That You’re Gone)
A3 – Carrie
A4 – The World I Built Around You
A5 – Lonely Guitar

B1 – Tish
B2 – Alone Without Sue Again
B3 – Please Help Me I’m Fallin
B4 – Someday I’ll Be Gone
B5 – Singin the Blues

Standout Track:
Someday I’ll Be Gone

Belmont Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Executive Producer – John Penny
Producer & Steel Guitar – Terry Sutton
Assistant Producer, Personal Manager & Album Jacket – Capt. Jackie Lee Williams
Cover Photo – Inspired Images
Art Work – Mel Green
Recorded at Intermedia Studios, Boston, Mass.
Engineer – Bob Schott
Lead & Rhythm Guitar – Chuck Parrish
Keyboard & Harp – Jeff Jarvis
Bass Guitar – Sandy Martin
Drums – Rick Curless
Cello – Barbara Chusid

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