Elizabeth Barraclough – “Willy Ruby / Late In My Bed”

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105_5577 105_5578

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Personal Review:
 So, this one is a lesser known Spain issued single from American singer Elizabeth Barraclough, who to me, is one of the greatest female vocalists out there.

 The A-Side is the song “Willy Ruby” which is one of my favorites by Elizabeth Barraclough – and immediately we start with that country sounding blues guitar playing before Elizabeth starts to sing, and boy, it is great. The lyrical construction of this track is absolutely fantastic. Elizabeth’s vocals are absolutely amazing, there is so much heart in her voice, and I’m sure that is why I love Elizabeth so much. She’s just such a great singer dedicated wholeheartedly to her craft.

 The B-Side is the song “Late in My Bed” and it starts with some soft bass playing before Elizabeth quietly joins in, singing her song – and once more, we get to hear the dedication of Elizabeth, and her amazing lyrics and way of conveying them for us to hear. This woman is seriously talented. This guitar solo going on is fantastic. This is an absolutely amazing 45. I vote Elizabeth to be inducted into the rock hall of fame.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A – Willy Ruby

B – Late in My Bed


Catalog Number:
K 6978

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:

Other Albums I Own by Elizabeth Barraclough:
Covered Up In Aces / Covered Up In Aces
Elizabeth Barraclough


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