Images in Vogue – “Rituals”

The Sleeve:
105_5126A 105_5126B

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, this is one of those odd one of a kind albums, where the A-Side has one song, and the B-Side has more – yes I know it’s an EP. Seems Images in Vogue liking doing this.

The A-Side opens and closes with the song “Rescue Me” which comes out as a pretty great song, with a strong chorus and great musicianship. It doesn’t matter how you look at this track, either way it’s pretty great. I definitely could dance to this song. Sadly, it’s only a few minutes long, then it’s onto the B-Side.

The B-Side opens with my personal favorite Images in Vogue track, “Call It Love” – I can dance to this, and the chorus is pretty amazing. Especially with the line “You can call it love if you want to, there is something warm inside you.” – which can be taken many different ways. This is definitely another dance track. It’s followed by “Everything About You” – which is a good track, no real complaints here, I definitely love the musicianship above all else. After that comes “Calling My Name” – which has an opening quite like those on the soundtrack of the film “Labyrinth” – it’s a good song, there is a lot of great musicianship on this album itself, I’m not even sure how to take it all. The synthesizer playing is off the wall on this track, it’s quite amazing. The album opens with the beautifully amazing “Save It” – which has an opening a lot like a Joy Division song I’ll never remember. The chorus gets pretty amazing, and the song is absolutely stunning, it makes for a terrific closing track.

Did I mention Kevin Crompton also appears on this LP?

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A – Rescue Me

B1 – Call It Love
B2 – Everything About You
B3 – Calling My Name
B4 – Save It


Catalog Number:
25 15421

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Joe Vizvary, Images in Vogue & Gary Wright
Engineered by Dave Ogilvie & Gary Wright
Recorded at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver & Gary Wright’s studio, LA
Art Direction, Design & Photography – Long & Llewellyn, White Rock, B.C.
Management – Kim Champniss
Contact – 131 – 810 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V57 1J8

Acoustic & Electronic Percussion & Rhythm Programming – Kevin Crompton
Vocals – Dale Martindale
Synthesizer & Vocals – Glen Nelson
Guitars & Vocals – Ed Shaw
Bass Guitar & Bass Synthesizer – Gary Smith
Synthesizer, Piano & Effects – Joe Vizvary

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