Killing Joke – “Killing Joke”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 I don’t think I really know anything about Killing Joke, and I only got this album because I really liked the cover and though the song titles on the back were in Ukrainian.

 The album opens with the track “Requiem” and we seem to be off to a great start, the music isn’t that bad and this is some pretty nice guitar playing and drums, the vocals are a little different but they’re not bad. The song is kind of pumping me up. I’m really, really enjoying this track. It’s pretty great. After that we go onto the track “Wardance” and though the musicianship is pretty great, the vocals are still a little too different for me. It does pick up some in the middle and it becomes pretty good, the first song was better. So, that turned out to be a pretty good song. Next up is “Tomorrow’s World” which this time, in turn, has pretty confusing, yet interesting musicianship and it’s not all that bad, I’m beginning to grow on this album and band. I definitely could dig more of their stuff. I like this album indeed. The A-Side closes with the song “Bloodsport” and you know, this just keeps getting better. I’m like seriously loving this. This is just one big instrumental, but you know what? It’s awesome. So take that. And shouting. Cheering. Maybe it was a live version? Possibly. No complaints though, still awesome.

 The B-Side opens with “The Wait” and immediately we get amazing guitar playing and great drum playing, and we’re all happy here right now because this album is just awesome after awesome and that is all that matters. Is the amount of awesome on one album. Whoa, so great. I like this, I like this a lot. We continue on with the track “Complications” and it has vocals, and they’re good. So I’m happy. Quite satisfied with this album. Loving this. “Change” comes next and once more we’re greeted with phenomenal musicianship by Killing Joke, with just as great vocals provided, and you know everything on this album has been completely perfect. After that we go onto the oddly titled, “$.0.36” and you know, it would make a little bit more sense without the first decimal point, but hey, it has some like movie excerpt and then we go into the music part of the song with more great guitar and drum playing. It’s definitely an odd song. Not really sure what to think of this one, just lots of inaudible vocals and guitar and drums, it’s not bad if it were just an instrumental. This musicianship though, it’s stunning. Back to the movie excerpt, not in English. The album ends with the track “Primitive” and one last time do we get to experience this amazing guitar playing and drumming by this group, which is joined with some superb vocals.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Requiem
A2 – Wardance
A3 – Tomorrow’s World
A4 – Bloodsport

B1 – The Wait
B2 – Complications
B3 – Change
B4 – $.0.36
B5 – Primitive

Editions EG

Catalog Number:
EGS 109

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
All Songs Written & Produced by Killing Joke
Engineer – Phil Harding
Keyboards & Vocals – Jaz Coleman
Guitar – Geordie
Bass & Vocals – Youth
Drums – Paul Ferguson
Visual Artist – Mike Coles
Photography – Frank Jenkinson

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