Lowell Mason & the Crusaders – “The Singing Midget, Lowell Mason & the Crusaders sing for God & Country”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
LOWELL MASON, The Singing Midget, first began his musical career singing in the church where his father was a minister. Since that beginning in 1944 Lowell Mason has traveled and sung in nearly every state as well as in Canada. Because of his unique size, winning personality and singing ability, he is in great demand for all types of religious functions, greater than he can accommodate.
 Lowell sings on all the radio and television programs called “Revival Fires”, which is produced by Christian Evangelizers Association of Joplin, Missouri directed by Evangelist Cecil Todd. His record albums are played daily by radio stations throughout the continent.
 Crusade Records are pleased to release this fine album by this Little Man with the Big Voice and we feel you will be glad you have one in your record collection.
 Ray Harris, Pres.
 Crusade Records

 Assisting Mr. Mason on this LP are THE CRUSADERS of Illinois. Lowell and The Crusaders have been close friends for many years and traveled together over much of the country singing in auditorium and church concerts, revival meetings and making T.V. appearances.
 The Crusaders limit their travels now, as they have developed the Crusade Enterprises. This company i dedicated to the religious field and they supply a gospel artist with everything that is necessary in the production of a record album. They operate their own recording studio and provide background music and A & R assistance.
 Besides assisting with vocal arrangements on this record, they have added various instruments.

Personal Review:
To start this off, Lowell Mason is simply one of THE greatest Gospel singers in the world. There is no ifs, ands, or whats about that. Then on top of that, this album comes on the greatest Gospel label ever, Crusade Enterprises – then even more-so, he is backed by the amazingly talented Crusaders of Illinois! Right there, you got the three best ways to make a great Gospel album.
The album opens with some nice organ playing by Mary Ann Vaughn, and the song “In Times Like These” – and Lowell begins to sing, Lowell has a very distinct and deep voice. He is truly one of the most talented men in the music industry. Then comes the song “Everybody Ought to Know” which has the Crusaders of Illinois on backing vocals, and it’s pretty great. The Crusaders are a talented group of people, (and I’m happy to call Dolores my friend.) the song itself, is pretty great. Lowell and the Crusaders fit together like bread and butter. Then comes the track “It Is No Secret” – which has amazing musicianship on it, plus the amazing vocals by Lowell. Then comes the track “At the End of This Journey” which was written by Crusade’s own Mary Ann Vaughn, and features backing vocals by the Crusaders and it’s absolutely stunning. This whole album is wonderful so far! “Mansion Over the Hilltop” follows behind, and is so great, I love the piano playing on this track, it’s absolutely amazing. The A-Side ends with the track “A Christian’s Testimony” – which is sung by everyone! It’s so beautiful. I cannot even begin to express how talented this group of people are.

The B-Side opens with the “Star-Spangled Banner” – and it is beyond beautiful, not many can perform this song so beautifully as Lowell can with the Crusaders backing him. Lowell is definitely a proud American! Then comes another Crusade original, this one by Dave Collins, “My God is Everywhere” comes up next, and it’s stunning. It comes with the Crusaders on backing vocals, and it’s so beautiful. Then comes the ever wonderful “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (which just so happens to be a personal favorite Gospel track of mine!) – Lowell performs the track so well, I can’t get over how great this album is! Then comes “America the Beautiful” – which is sung by the Crusaders and Lowell again, and it’s so great. It’s actually another personal favorite of mine. Then comes the song “Faith of Our Fathers” – it’s a slower Gospel track, but is still pretty amazing. The album ends with the country track, “This Land is Our Land” and it’s so amazing. I cannot begin to explain how much I am thankful that I own this album.

Interesting Facts:


Track Listing:
A1 – In Times Like These
A2 – Everybody Ought to Know
A3 – It Is No Secret
A4 – At the End of This Journey
A5 – Mansion Over the Hilltop
A6 – A Christian’s Testimony

B1 – The Star-Spangled Banner
B2 – My God is Everywhere
B3 – Battle Hymn of Republic
B4 – America The Beautiful
B5 – Faith of Our Fathers
B6 – This Land is Our Land

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LPM 4202

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Piano & Organ – Mary Ann Vaughn
Trumpet – Jim Vaughn
Guitar – Bruce Moses
Drums – Dolores Harris
Bass Viol – Ray Harris

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