Ralph Carlson & Country Mile ‎– “Thanks For The Dance”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Out of the people on the cover I have a hard time deciding who is Ralph Carlson, I’m guessing the dude with the hat. I’m also very much digging their outfits.

 So, the album starts with the title track “Thanks for the Dance” and the opening musicianship is pretty good, the vocals are nice and the song is a overall decent listen so far. Not a bad song at all so far. The guitar playing is pretty great. We then go onto the track “Ain’t Got Time” and it features a lot of piano playing in it, it’s a pretty good song. Next up comes “John’s” which is a slower song at first, it’s spoken too, at first. According to the sleeve the song is dedicated to Dale Davidson. It’s a nice song filled with lots of heart in it. This album just goes by so smoothly. After that we go onto the track “Out of the Snow” and it’s a good track, a little bit slow, but still performed very well. The A-Side closes with the track “Southern Bells” and it was a bit of a slow song, but the meaning and vocals were quite nice. So, it made for a good closing track.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Somebody’s Woman” and this song is just really upbeat, and it just keeps your head bobbing to the music, and the lyrics are really nice, Ralph’s vocals are also great. “Silence on the Line” comes next, and I think that maybe this is my personal favorite so far, the meaning and delivery of this track just keep me wanting to hear more, though I must say Ralph is definitely better at the faster tracks. “Lights of Denver” comes next and it’s another good country track, these guys are good, and all of their songs are just superb examples of fine Canadian country music. We continue on with the song “The General Store of Silas McVie” which is a country song about an old store in a small farming town in Canada, and you know what, those are the best kind of stores. It’s actually another really great track on this album. The album closes with the track “Looking for Someone Like You” and it’s a slower country track, and presumably about love, it’s not bad though.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Thanks for the Dance
A2 – Ain’t Got Time
A3 – John’s
A4 – Out of the Snow
A5 – Southern Bells

B1 – Somebody’s Woman
B2 – Silence on the Line
B3 – Lights of Denver
B4 – The General Store of Silas McVie
B5 – Looking for Someone Like You

Standout Track:
“Silence on the Line”


Catalog Number:
SCN 518

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Lead Guitars – Pete Bordinelli, Roger Coulumbe & Dave Dennison
Rhythm Guitars – Ralph Carlson, Roger Coulombe, Gary Spicer & Barry Brown
Steel Guitars – Sonny Garish, Gary Spicer & Al Bragg
Keyboards – Tony Migliori, Al Bragg & Dave Dennison
Drums & Percussion – Clyde Brooks & Sam Henry
Dobro – Sonny Garrish & Gary Spicer
Autoharp – Dave Dennison
Bass Guitars – Bobby Dyson & George Brothers
Backup Vocals – George Brothers, Ralph Carlson, Sam Henry & Andy Angus
Photography – Andrew-Newton, Ottawa, Ontario
Producer – Joe Bob Barnhill & Dallas Harms
Engineers – Gene Rice & Dave Dennison

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