Ron McMunn – “Reserve Me a Table”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So, Ron McNunn aka The Silver Fox is/was a Canadian country music singer, and apparently has worked with some of the other greats of the Seaway Valley country music scene (Dominic D’Arcy, Bobby Lalonde… just to name a few) and well, when I found this record, I bought it for the title, the label, and at that point I did not know who Ron was, but now I do – sort of.

 The album opens with the track “The Door Was Always Open” – and from the opening guitar riff to the first bit of vocals, this album seems to be off to a great start. The Silver Fox is a wonderful singer. Next comes the song “If You’re Gonna Go Why Don’t You Git” and well, there are so many parts of this song that make it just amazing. The fiddle playing is outstanding, and Ron’s vocals are just perfect. Next comes the track “The Bottle is Filled with Wine” and hey, I’m liking this type of country music, why? Because the best type of country music was from the 50’s to the early to mid 80’s, and this album reigns in during the mid 70’s, so that is why this album is so great. “Many Rivers” comes next, and you know, initially, I was hoping for a country cover of Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers to Cross” but it’s not, although this song is a gospel-esque type song, so in that regard, it’s pretty great. The vocals are superb. The A-Side closes with the track “One More Country Song” and Ron’s vocals are amazing, the guitar playing rocks and you can tell that Ron has his heart in his music by the emotion in his voice. I think deep, deep, DEEP down I’m a country boy, because I absolutely love country music.

 The B-Side opens with a reprise (???) of the song “The Door is Always Open” – and as before, my sentiments still remain the same, Ron is a terrific country singer and the musicianship is stunning. “Come Walk with Me” comes next, and it’s a great song, everything on this album is fantastic so far. “When Did Right Become Wrong” follows next, and once more we’re continuing on with great country songs, one after another. The album continues on with the song “Ride Me Down Easy” and you know, this is like the second gospel style song, and it’s pretty good, I really can’t complain much, because I also love gospel music as much as I do country music. We then go onto the albums title track “Reserve Me a Table” and it seems to be a slower country track, but it’s still fantastic. No complaints here at all. The Album ends with the song “White Lightning” and for some reason I feel as though I’ve reviewed an album with this song on it before, but I can’t seem to remember which album. (And figured out.) In conclusion, it’s a terrific album. Highly recommend the Silver Fox.

Interesting Facts:
 Best wishes to Joan and Hollis, The Silver Fox, Ron McNunn June 18/76 Orleans Hotel

Track Listing:
A1 – The Door is Always Open
A2 – If You’re Gonna Go Why don’t You Git
A3 – The Bottle Filled with Wine
A4 – Many Rivers
A5 – One More Country Song

B1 – The Door is Always Open
B2 – Come Walk with Me
B3 – When Did Right Become Wrong
B4 – Reserve Me a Table
B5 – White Lightning

Fox Land Records

Catalog Number:
ST 57566

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer – Josh Graves
Backing Vocals – The Billy Troy Trio
Jacket Design – Taurus

Other Albums I Own by Ron McNunn:
Live from Mississippi Country Hotel


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