Sandy Rupp – “Wandering”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
This album contains eleven songs which have influenced my wandering and searching for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Among these songs you may recognize many familiar words or perhaps many will be new to you. I pray that both in the old and the new you will be refreshed by the messages that Jesus loves us, protects us, and guides us. If we will make Him our Lord, He will draw us unto Himself, so that we may have life in all its fullness, and may live with Him forever!

 SPECIAL THANKS  With loving memories of Dad Rupp  Many thanks to Mom and Dad Chase and Mom Rupp – Special love to Jay, Robin and Jeremy.”

Personal Review:  
Let me start off by saying, Sandy Rupp is a babe. If I had a choice of who I could marry in this world it would be her (…or Denise.) Seriously. Anyways, so the A-Side opens with the song “Praise the Lord” (No, not the same one from Kevin Gallagher’s “Praise & Promise”), so onward with this review! Sandy is one of those women who can hit the real high notes, and you’re like whoa. “Praise the Lord” is a pretty good song, and delivered well by Sandy! So, on with the next song – “The New 23rd“, personally I prefer Sandy singing without hitting the high notes. It’s a lot better in my opinion. Then comes the song “The Solid Rock” (which I think may’ve been written by Sandy) she sure does pull the high notes in this song. Oh golly, that high note and harp solo. “Lost” comes up next, with the opening music sounding a lot like that creepy music from the movie “Home Alone” – then Sandy comes in singing, and everything is alright. Sandy continues delivering those high notes… Anyways, so the A-Side closes with “I Wonder as I Wander” which is basically delivered like an opera. (Sandy should be glad she is hot, ’cause opera music doesn’t belong in Gospel.)

Anyways, the B-Side opens with “Lookin’ All Around” which opens with a flute solo much like that of the Braillettes (which aggravates me.) But atleast Sandy decided against doing the opera voice! She keeps this up for a good portion of the song “Jesus Loves Me” which is a good thing, but she does try to sneak it in. Then comes “The Bird’s Song” which is really Snow White-y, and filled with hints towards the opera voice. “The Birthday” comes next, and passes as quickly as it came. Then Sandy does a cover of Andrae Crouch’s “My Tribute” – which well, Sandy delivers it well. Probably my favorite track on the album so far. Anyways, so the B-Side closes with “He Was Not Willing” and Sandy delivers it well!

Interesting Facts:  

Track Listing:
A1 – Praise the Lord
A2 – The New 23rd
A3 – The Solid Rock
A4 – Lost
A5 – I Wonder as I Wander

B1 – Lookin’ All Around
B2 – Jesus Loves Me
B3 – The Bird’s Song
B4 – The Birthday
B5 – My Tribute
B6 – He Was Not Willing

Edify Productions

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Producer – Steven Gamble of Edify Productions
Arranger & Conductor – Gary Nyquist
Engineers – Paul Martinson, Scott Rivard & Jerry Steckling
Keyboards – Gary Nyquist & Dawn Dibley
Flute – Dave Karr
Harp – Margerie Lagerwall
Strings – Pinebrook Strings
Background Vocalists – Sue Benjamin, Mary Johnson, Mary Nordell, Kathy Radtke, Sandy Rupp, Diane Wager, Brad Eshleman, Jim Hildebrand, Waynne Hornicke, Dean Palermo & Tim Sawyer
Photography – Steven Smith
Cover Design – Garry Gamble of Edify Design

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