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Pat Carey – “To Start Again”

Pat Carey – “To Start Again”So, Pat Carey or Patricia Carey is an Irish-American opera singer with a very famous daughter, with a very well known Christmas song – yes, Pat Carey is none other than the mother of Mariah Carey – and in 1977, she released this album on the U.U. Record label, so here we go. and we... Read More »

Hagood Hardy – “The Homecoming”

Hagood Hardy – “The Homecoming”I’ve always wondered if it’s pronounced Hey-good, Ha-Good or Hag-ood… Here we begin with Canadian composer, Hagood Hardy’s best known album, “The Homecoming” The album, naturally, begins with the title track “The Homecoming” which is actually Mr. Hardy’s best known song, and you know I do find writing about instrumental albums to be the most difficult... Read More »

Colinn – “For Shana”

Colinn – “For Shana”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: I’ve always thought that this record would be impossible to do for this type of review – solely because there is no information about this album whatsoever. It’s completely hand made. I also know nothing about classical piano music. Anyways, here we go. As far as I... Read More »

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