The Blind Slye Twins – “He Washed My Eyes With Tears”

The Slye Twins are an absolute treat. Their album “It’s Me Again Lord” is a favorite of mine that has gotten a lot of plays over the last 15 years, this release, which was issued in 1980 by Baldwin Sound Productions seems to be their latest release, or that is known, I do hope their is more than just the three I have.

The album opens with the title track, “He Washed My Eyes with Tears” and you know, it is a slower track, but the twins still have that same distinct sound that they have had since 1965! The organ playing is fantastic. “Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul” comes next, and I do enjoy the backing drums on this one, it’s a very nice song. They do have amazing voices. “I’ve Come Too Far” comes next, and it’s a nice song, I’m digging the organ playing, and the harmony between the two sisters as they hit the chorus. “I Love Him Too Much” comes next, and we slow it down a bit, and the sisters deliver another wonderful track, the backing band is pretty good, and it is great to see Neil Enloe listed as a backing vocalist, I’m so used to seeing him on Jeff Steinberg releases. “Because He Loves Me” closes out the A-Side, and it’s another slower track, delivered once more wonderfully by the twins.

In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul” comes next, and I feel like I probably know this song, but it doesn’t sound familiar to me, but it is once more a very nicely done song, I do feel that this album doesn’t quite hold up as strongly as their original “It’s Me Again Lord” – but this is still a very, very great album by these two mighty talented sisters. I like that harmonizing they close the track out with. Next up, one of my favorites, “One Day at a Time” and hey, the sisters, they do a great version of it. The chorus could be a bit stronger, but nonetheless a great track on a very good album. Next we go onto “Build My Mansion Next Door to Jesus” and this one is always a fantastic one to hear, though you got to hit those high notes at some point. “Who Am I” comes next, and the musical background is very great, it’s a bit more faster paced. Nicely done. The album closes with “God Walks the Dark Hills” and you know, it’s another slower song, not terrible at all. As I said previously, this one doesn’t quite reach the same level their other album had, but they still did release a very nice piece of music on the Baldwin label, and it has been a really nice listen.

Catalog Number:

Producer & Back Up Vocals – Don Baldwin
Engineer – Kent Baldwin
Keyboards – Cliff Cerce
Organ & Back Up Vocals – David White
Guitar – Art Calaman
Drums – Bart Lee Adams
Bass Guitar – Loren Peck
Steel Guitar – Bob Klinger
Back Up Vocals – Neil Enloe

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