The Choraleers Quartet – “I Found The Lord”

Yesterday, I listened to the Choraleers “On My Way Home” – today, “I Found the Lord” once again on the Truth label of North Carolina.

These guys open the album with the title track, “I Found the Lord” which was written by Gary Lucas, who once more is on this album, with his very distinct voice. I wish I knew which guy on the cover was him, I want to say front row, left side. He looks like a Gary. His voice is pretty nice. But the credits do say Gary Lucas is on the piano, so maybe he ain’t even singing. Next up comes, “I’ll See You in the Rapture” and it’s a slower track, but it is a song about the end of days. So far the tracks have been mostly vocal harmonizing tracks. Oh, a solo part from a different singer, and hey, he’s good too. Next comes the song “God Made A Way” which is another very fast paced track like we had seen on the last album. The musicianship is pretty good. “The Glory Road” comes next, and the that one vocalist, who might be Gary (???) delivers this track as well. “A Beautiful Life” ends the A-Side and that bass-y baritone vocalist leads this one, and it’s not a bad track and this guys voice is so deep. It’s wild.

The B-Side opens with “When I Wake Up” and it’s another faster paced song, with the whole group singing it together with that one vocalist who really stands out over everyone else. Then we go onto the slower “Wait for Me at Jesus’ Feet” and this one is really slow, delivered nicely, sung great by a different vocalist, not our usual guy. Not a bad song, just a bit slow for me. But hey, we go onto “I’ll Soon Be Gone” which is a faster, shorter song with banjo playing, plus a vocalist I haven’t heard on either of the two albums yet. Not all that bad. We continue on with a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “One Day at a Time” which is already a beautiful song, and these guys give it a nice rendition, not my favorite, but not the worst. The album closes with “Just Couldn’t Keep It to Myself” and it’s not a bad song, it’s fast paced, lead by the baritone singer, accompanied by group harmonizing and that one guy singing. All in all, it’s an alright album!

Catalog Number:

Piano – Gary Lucas
Bass Guitar – Mike Laviner
Drums – Cullen Edwards
Steel Guitar, Rhythm Guitar & Banjo – Jeff Whittington
Recorded at Reflection Sound Studios, Charlotte, NC.
Engineer – Wayne Jernigan
Produced at Creative Arts Sound Productions, Charlotte, NC
Producer – Danny Sprinkle


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