The Gentlemen Four – “We’ll Be Seeing You…”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Here they are…………….. The Gentlemen Four……………….. Dave Covey… Steve Brown… Dave Tubbs… Bob Ross………………………………. Four Gentemen!……………………………….
 For three years these four aspiring physicists have humbly had the Science Building at Point Loma College as their home. They found there that they could sing, would sing, so… they did sing! Headed up by Bob, they had soon wafted their hilarious harmonies into the hearts of all who heard. But, it only started there. Soon they were on the banquet circuit, singing for churches, and often the main attraction at school functions and presentations.
 Each of the fellows brings a distinct personality to the quartet; they are each their own man. This in turn, is the drawstring of the group as they sing. They are unified and blend their talents to present one of the most funloving and enjoyable sounds for you.
 My Heroes… You’ll Love ‘Em.
 Lois E. Roberts

Personal Review:
 There is so many things that can be said about this album, firstly, on the cover, are they in some sort of office or classroom? Why do they look like mobsters or lawyers when they’re actually physicists? These are questions that’ll never be answered, but hey, hopefully it’s good.

 So, the album opens with the song “This Little Light of Mine” and you know, I wasn’t expecting it all to be a cappella, but you know it is. The vocals aren’t bad, but they could definitely benefit from some sort of backing music. I’m digging the high notes too. You know, it kind of overly drags on though. Then comes the song “In the Garden” and well, this is a song I’ve never heard, but it’s about God, I’m not sure if the amount of religious songs would classify this as a religious record too? Possibly. “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” comes next, and you know these guys would make a great gospel quartet, like, the vocals are great, I just really think they need backing music. A piano, anything! “He Looked Down Beyond My Fault” comes next, and well, it’s another good song, but still, the lack of music bugs me. I got to give it to these guys though for actually providing such amazing vocals with no music. “Down by the Riverside” comes next, and well it’s another religious song, and I’m thinking I’m gonna give this a gospel tag. This song, with the lyrics “ain’t gonna study war no more” is a very odd line. Though, the song is good. Just not one I like. “Great is Thy Faithfulness” comes next, and well, it’s a slower song, but I cannot get over the lack of music, it actually bugs me that much. “Abide With Me” closes the A-Side, and it’s another religious track, but it’s not bad. Not sure if it’s weird that they’re physicists singing gospel? Is that normal, or no? Anyways, onto the B-Side.

 Everybody Loves a Lover” comes next, and I believe we’re off the Gospel now, and hey, it’s not that bad. I definitely like it, they kind of go into the pop vibe… I’m pretty sure they could be considered a barbershop quartet! “Side by Side” follows next, and it’s another good song, but I feel they’re all a little repetitive for me with no backing vocals. “Shenendoah” comes next, and it’s a slower song, not overly bad or anything. “Ma She’s Making Eyes at Me!” comes next, and you know, I’m pretty sure that was originally by Lena Zavaroni, if not, that’s still how I know of this song. I prefer Lena’s version to be honest. The more I listen, the more I feel they need backing music and it angers me. “Ain’t She Sweet?” comes next, and we continue with the a cappella songs, and I’m sitting here thinking a couple of them are good, but there is such thing as over doing it. “Yes Sir That’s My Baby” comes next, and it’s another track like all the others, I can say it’s good vocally, but that is all that it’s got going for it. “Cohan Medley” comes next, and well – it’s a faster one for sure, but still I’m like, what the heck is with the no backing music. That one elongated high note, which they go into a joking about it, each of the three guys, except the one making the high note makes a joke, the last joke is “this is a test of the emergency broadcast system” – hah. Then it ends with the title track, “We’ll Be Seeing You” and I guess it makes for a good sign off track. I’m impressed with the vocals, but unimpressed with the lack of music.

Interesting Facts:
To Wini, A very special woman!
Robert G. Ross

Track Listing:
A1 – This Little Light of Mine
A2 – In the Garden
A3 – Precious Lord Take My Hand
A4 – He Looked Beyond My Fault
A5 – Down by the Riverside
B6 – Great is Thy Faithfulness
B7 – Abide with Me

B1 – Everybody Loves a Lover
B2 – Side by Side
B3 – Shenendoah
B4 – Ma She’s Makin’ Eyes at Me
B5 – Ain’t She Sweet?
B6 – Yes Sir That’s My Baby
B7 – Cohan Medley
B8 – We’ll Be Seeing You

Award Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Engineer – Bob Cartwright
Producer – Doni Jo DeWater
Recorded at MusiCreations, San Diego, CA
Photography & Cover Design – Lois E. Roberts
Tenor Vocals – Dave Covey
Bass Vocals – Steve Brown
Lead Vocals – Dave Tubbs
Baritone Vocals – Bob Ross

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