The NeVilles – “Thanking Him”

Here we have Larry & Janet NeVille of Tulsa, Oklahoma with their 1974 self-released album, “Thanking Him” – which was recorded and manufactured by Rite Record Productions.

Can I begin by saying Larry NeVille gives me a Ken Snyder vibe? The title track opens this album, and we get the happy, upbeat piano playing before the couple comes in and begins to sing together – Larry does have his occasional vocal parts, and his voice is nice, relaxing. The song is a bit repetitive, and I’m hoping that this album will become a bit more exciting. “Greater is He” comes next, and we continue on with the duo singing, not a lot of solo parts. They do have good dynamic together, but so far nothing too exciting. “God’s Child” comes next, and Janet solos on this one (so far) and it’s not bad, her vocals are good, I’d like to hear Larry do a solo song. “I Believe in the Three in One” comes next, which has a nice organ / piano combo starting it. The vocals are once more, the couple singing in sync with each other. Oh, there is Larry singing on his own. So, we end the A-Side with “Hole in the Sky / (I’m So Glad) Medley” and Larry leads this one, and he does have a nice voice, and I enjoy it very much. She has a very 40’s voice. It’s nice, and I’d like to hear her do some pop standards.

The B-Side opens with “Plenty of Time” – and I feel I know this one, maybe not though. Janet opens this one, and it’s a good one, not at all bad, but still not all my thing. I do enjoy the twinkling of the keys though. “Jesus Use Me” comes next, and no, not the same one that Richard Miller sings. It’s a Neville written track by the same name. It’s alright, nothing crazy bad, lots of good musicianship in this one, and Larry does a lot of the vocals, accompanied by Janet. “Didn’t He Shine” comes next, and I’m sure I know this one. It is Janet once more leading this one, and she does some nice high notes, and I’m sure I know this one, but Janet definitely shines on this one. “Try Jesus” comes next with Larry leading this one, and it’s alright, Larry has a good voice. I’m digging his suit on the cover. The man has got style. The album closes with “I Don’t Tell It Enough / Without Him” – with the second part being credited to LeFever which I’m sure is supposed to be LeFevre. The “Without Him” part is definitely like the Richard Miller song.

Catalog Number:
LSP 107

Recording Engineer – Phil Burkhardt
Producer & Piano – Charles Novell
Bass Guitar – Dennis Novell
Lead Guitar – Ray Cummins
Rhythm Guitar – Dan Burton
Drums – Tony Keefer
Organ – Larry Neville

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