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Mayhem – “Dawn of the Black Hearts”

Mayhem – “Dawn of the Black Hearts”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “We have no vocalist anymore!!! DEAD killed himself two weeks ago! It was really brutal, first he cut open the arteries in his the wrists and then he had blown off his brains with a shotgun. I found him and it looked fucking grim, the upper half of his head... Read More »

The Germs – “(GI): Manimal / Dragon Lady / Strange Notes”

The Germs – “(GI): Manimal / Dragon Lady / Strange Notes”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review:  So, December 8th will be 34 years and 1 day since Darby overdosed on Heroin, on the eve of John Lennon’s assassination, gaining no media attention whatsoever except a little article in the obituary section of the local newspaper. Darby Crash however to me will always be... Read More »

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