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Tammy Renee’ Harris – “Ordinary People”

Tammy Renee’ Harris – “Ordinary People”Firstly, I’m happy to say that this is my 450th post, and I’m glad I get to do the big 450 with a Tammy Renee’ Harris / Crusade Enterprises release, I absolute love them both. Secondly, I have to say that Tammy Renee’ and her mother Delores are two of my favorite people, they are... Read More »

Vickie Harris – “A Christian Cow-Girl”

Vickie Harris – “A Christian Cow-Girl”Vickie Lyn Harris was the daughter of Ray and Dolores Harris of Crusade Enterprises, and the older sister of Tammy Renee’ Harris. She was also featured on the album “Floyd C. & the Kids from Flora” as well as “Moments to Remember” which is a memorial album to her. In 1962, little Vickie Lyn had... Read More »

March For Christ ‎– “Come On and Pray”

March For Christ ‎– “Come On and Pray”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “March For Christ evolved out of the need of three young Christians to praise the Lord, in a very cloistered surrounding of a state run school. They have overcome many adversities in their efforts to share what being a Christian means to them and how it affects their lives. Despite... Read More »

Trinity College Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir & Concert Band ‎– “Make A Joyful Noise”

Trinity College Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir & Concert Band ‎– “Make A Joyful Noise”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  ““Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing.” (Ps. 100 : 1, 2)  The music groups of Trinity College have traveled extensively throughout our country with the singularity expressed purpose of praising our Lord and Saviour, Jesus... Read More »

Lamplighters ‎– “The Old Country Church”

Lamplighters ‎– “The Old Country Church”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “This is the second album featuring Dr. Jeanne Mosier and THE LAMPLIGHTERS of Helena, Ohio. The Lamplighters, an evangelical team, are well known throughout the Midwest, where they minister to many denominations in music, magic and the sacred word.  The duo consists of Rev. Jeanne Mosier, Th B., D.D, who... Read More »

Mildred & Julie Ann – “Jesus is the One”

Mildred & Julie Ann – “Jesus is the One”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Don and Mildred Grooms and daughter, Julie Ann, present their own compositions as well as others on this album. Mildred plays the piano and sings songs that exalt Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. She is accompanied by Crusade musicians: Art Baker on the steel guitar and Bill... Read More »

Stufflebeam Family – “Ozark Gospel Singin'”

Stufflebeam Family – “Ozark Gospel Singin'”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Nearly 23 years in gospel music and ministry has not dampened the “first love” of The Stufflebeam Family. Since early childhood, Mom, Dad and Children would gather in the home and sing about Jesus and His amazing grace.  The family ministry has taken many turns as each member sought their... Read More »

Hildreth Sisters – “My Tribute”

Hildreth Sisters – “My Tribute”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “The Hildreth Sisters’ ministry stems from the desire to project the Gospel of Christ through song. The Christian message is communicated in a dynamic way on our first album, “He’s Life,” and on this second album, the entire time he is devoted to praise and tribute to God for the... Read More »

Charlie & Paul – “We Can Work It Out”

Charlie & Paul – “We Can Work It Out”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “TALK ABOUT A HAPPENING!  One took place at the SIPPIN LIZZARD coffee house, in Flint, Michigan, less than a year ago when Charlie and Paul first met. The audience sensed that something was happening. An element was present that made these performers exceptional. Charlie and Paul are still exciting audiences... Read More »

Lakey’s – “Walking In His Steps”

Lakey’s – “Walking In His Steps”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “IN HIS STEPS  Lord, this road is too rough I said, there are stones that hurt me so,  Dear child I understand He said, because I walked it long ago.  Lord, there’s a cool green path I said, let me walk there for a time.  He gently answered, no my... Read More »

Markey McCrae – “Markey”

Markey McCrae – “Markey”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Markey travels with her husband, Paul. She sings and preaches at church, women’s clubs, and any other place where Christ can be promoted. Many of the songs Markey sings are of her own original compositions.  If you would like Markey to minister in sermon and song to your group, organization,... Read More »

Roger Mobley – “Something for Everyone”

Roger Mobley – “Something for Everyone”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review:  So, Roger Mobley is a former child actor best known for “Wagon Train” and “Fury” he eventually retired from acting, joined the U.S. Army – became a Green Beret, served in Vietnam and then came back to America and did this album with the help of Crusade... Read More »

Bill Casolari – “Gospel… In the Universal Language”

Bill Casolari – “Gospel… In the Universal Language”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Crusade Enterprises proudly present the instrumental artistry of their head musician, BILL CASOLARI, and the Casolari Orchestra. The orchestra consists of 40 instruments but only ONE musician! This feat is accomplished by combining the unusual talents and versatility of Bill with modern multi-track recording equipment at Crusade Studios. You will... Read More »

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