Jim Strathdee – “There’s Still Time”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Dear Friends,
 This is music for worship. It grows out of the soul’s need to express love, joy, and a commitment to our mutual journey.
 This is a time to say “yes” to who we are and find ways to nourish our deepest roots, share the good waters of our deep well with each other, care for all brothers and sisters, and let it go. Singing helps me do all of this. I praise the Creator when we can sing together. This is an amazing gift.
 My boundless gratitude to the choir of the Ridgecrest United Methodist Church and to the many other friends who helped bring this record to you.
 Keep on Singin’
 Jim Strathdee

Personal Review:
 So, it’s Gospel music… by a big bearded man, what more could you want?

 So, the album opens with “Glory to God” – and accidentally having it on 45 RPM does give you some pretty hilarious results. Nonetheless, Jim doesn’t sound like how you’d expect him to, he has a really, really nice voice and he’s actually really good. The backing vocals are pretty great too. There is even clapping in this song! “Come Let Us Sing to the Lord” comes next, and once more, amazing musicianship – the harmonica in particular, then Jim’s vocals are amazing too. I’m so excited to hear this album because it’s pretty great so far, and we’re only two songs in. After that we continue onto the non-Jim Strathdee written song, “Praise to the Lord” and Jim begins to sing, his soft, sweet voice coming out of the guitar playing like it’s supposed to be there, and it’s fantastic. Oh, then it goes into this big huge group vocal, where Jim is backed by a huge choir and it’s absolutely fantastic. I love this, right here is why gospel is so great. Then the album begins to slow down some with the song “Beatitudes” and well, it really slows down. It’s kind of disappointing, and it would be greatly upsetting if Jim’s voice wasn’t so great, because his voice is fantastic. Jim begins to get louder, and better as the song goes on, and it’s another pretty fantastic track. We continue on with the track “Drops of Water” and it’s another good one, Jim just continues to sing his heart out and it’s a stunning display like no other. The A-Side closes with the song “With the Lord As My Guide” and it’s a pretty good track, not much of Jim singing, but the choir vocals on this album are pretty good, really can’t complain much about this album so far, I love it!

 The B-Side starts off with the album “Serve the Lord” and it’s a really upbeat happy song, and Jim just lets it all out with this amazing track. “There’s Still Time” – the title track and next track, follows next and it’s not bad at all! I’m loving how he does the upbeat Gospel tracks and then the slower, calming tracks too, he gives something for everyone to enjoy and it’s fabulous. “A Gift Song” comes next, and we’re continuing on with the slower tracks, and it’s not bad at all. I’m loving that simple guitar playing that goes with a lot of the songs, it’s pretty great. After that comes the song “He Comes to Us” and it’s good, once more with the choir type song, not bad at all. “Love Song” comes next, and as the songs go on, it becomes more clear that these songs aren’t long songs, but their message is quite clear as each passes by, and they’re all equally as great songs as the next, and previous. It’s a pretty good song by the way. After that comes the track “Our Father” and the piano playing in the opening is quite nice, not a bad track at all, I’m quite fond of it. The song itself is pretty slow, and passes by rather fast, but all in all, not a bad track. The album closes with the song “Lord, Let Thy Servent” and it’s another one of those choir type songs, and I’m sitting here like this hasn’t been a bad album at all. Quite enjoyable.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Glory to God
A2 – Come Let Us Sing to the Lord
A3 – Praise to the Lord
A4 – Beatitudes
A5 – Drops of Water
A6 – With the Lord as My Guide

B1 – Serve the Lord
B2 – There’s Still Time
B3 – A Gift Song
B4 – He Comes to Us
B5 – Love Song
B6 – Our Father
B7 – Lord, Let Thy Servent

Caliche Records

Catalog Number:
CR 101

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Conga Drums & Tambourine – Jim Strathdee
Piano, Organ, Strings & Flutes – Jean Strathdee
Piano & Organ – Sally Duvall
Bass – John Forney
Electric Bass – Paul Svenson
Guitar & Mandolin – John Anderson
Melodica – Frank Dickey
Violin – Paul Chan
Choir Singers – John Anderson, Allene Archibald, Yvonne Beyer, Shirley Briley, Jeanne Burton, Ken Burton, Brian Combs, Cherie Dickey, Jerry Dickey, Sally Duvall, John Forney, Janice Frageman, Elaine George, Bob Hagen, Howard Hirschy, Laurie King, Kathy Kolb, Marian Lambert, Marion Oestreich, Johnny Seybold, Lou Ava Seybold, Mary Seybold, Wave Seybold, Brydon Shirk, Jean Strathdee, Jeanette Svenson, Adele Yeaton & Gordon Yeaton
Sound Engineer – Evan Williams
Graphics – Greg Gilbert
Photography – Richard Bellomy
Cover Photo by Harry Jurey
Recorded at United Audio Studios – Santa Ana, CA.
Produced by Jim Strathdee & Paul Svenson
Special Thanks to Nelson Stringer and New Wine Custom Records

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